7 Items To Buy In Bulk & Save Money

7 Items To Buy In Bulk & Save Money

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When you are trying to create more money in our budget, these 7 Items To Buy In Bulk & Save Money are perfect to keep in mind. If you have a club wholesale store near you, or simply a bulk section of your grocer or department store it is time to make a list and start checking prices. While these are the most commonly purchased items that save money, you should always check unit pricing to verify before making the purchase.

Beans: Dry beans will store for years and are almost always significantly cheaper per ounce than their precooked canned variety. Not only are dry beans truly easy to cook from scratch, they can be great low cost recipe fillers that are full of protein and low fat. Pinto, Navy, Kidney, Green Pea, Lentil and Chickpea are all great choices that can be cooked in a slow cooker easily.

Grains: Rice, Quinoa, and Oatmeal are great choices to buy in bulk. As long as they are stored in airtight containers, you can store these without issues for several months. Quinoa doesn’t store as long as the others, but all are great for long term storage.

Pasta: Pasta is a staple item in most pantries and is almost always significantly less when purchased in bulk. It stores wonderfully in airtight containers and is a great low cost filler for many menu items.

Meat: Time and again we have found that meat prices are exceptionally better per pound when purchased in bulk. From buying the larger packages in your grocery store, to actually purchasing a side of beef, you can save huge amounts in your grocery budget. Invest in a freezer and food saver storage system and save hundreds of dollars a year.

Canned goods: This is something you have to determine on a case by case basis, but many times buying canned products in larger bulk packages can save a significant amount of money on items you use on a regular basis like canned tomatoes, vegetables and pasta sauces.

Diapers: Larger packages of diapers are almost always a decent savings per diaper. Buy at club stores, or the largest box at your local discount retailer. Don’t buy multiple boxes at a time until your baby has settled into the toddler stage where they aren’t growing as rapidly. In the first year, a baby can change size quickly and you don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of diapers that are too small. Instead buy the one large bulk box when they transition and gauge their growth.

Soaps & Detergents: Larger packages of soaps, detergents, shampoos and other body care products are almost always much cheaper per unit or ounce. Buy in bulk in this area to save on your daily household cleaning supply needs.

These are our favorite items to buy in bulk & save money at our local club stores or even discount retailer. Saving money in your household budget means thinking outside the box and taking advantage of better prices on bulk items.