5 Tips for Sleeping more Comfortably In The Heat Without AC

5 Tips for Sleeping more Comfortably In The Heat Without AC

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I don’t know about all of you but I think that sleeping in the heat is probably one of the most awful and uncomfortable things that you can do and during the Summer time, it is the absolute worst! Today I am going to be sharing with six tips for being a bit more comfortable while you sleep in that horrible heat.
1. Swap Your Blankets: I know that when it comes to me sleeping, I’m not able to sleep without something covering me but heavy blankets are definitely a negative! What I do is ditch the blankets and just sleep with a light sheet over top of me. That way I have that comfort of a blanket over me but without being super hot and sweaty.
2. Use Box Fans to Your Advantage: Box fans can be great for removing heat from your room! Put your fan in the window facing outward and it will suck the heat from the room out leaving your room much cooler.
3. Hang a Cold Sheet In Front Of The Window: I recommend running a sheet through a rinse cycle in the washer so it is wet but nice and rung out as well, then hang it in front of an open window and it will bring in a cool breeze to the room.
4. Create a Circulation of Air: Just having one fan going tends to just move air around the room rather than cooling it down. In order to solve this you should have two fans going in opposite directions of one another to circulate the air or if you have a ceiling fan, have it turning counter clockwise to help with circulation as well.
5. Keep Cool Air In: About an hour before you plan to head to your bedroom and go to sleep for the night, turn on all of your fans and close the door to lock in the cool air. This will prep the room for you and it will be nice and cool by the time you want to go to sleep.
I don’t know about you guys but I just cannot sleep in the heat and these tips have really helped me out. I think we all go through a point in our lives where we don’t have any air conditioning because of whatever reason. Next time you’re in a heat wave, keep these tips in mind!

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