20 Delicious Muffin Recipes to Try

20 Delicious Muffin Recipes to Try

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Muffins are generally cake-like products, but they tend to have high sugar content. Regardless, muffins are very popular as tea-time, and breakfast snacks, often filled with fruit. No wonder kids love them too. Here are a few delicious muffin recipes that we wanted to share with you.

delicious muffin recipes
  1. Dave’s corn muffins

Famous Dave’s corn muffins are very noteworthy, and this recipe is our version of them. This is supposed to be a top-secret recipe of theirs, so shhh….

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Get your recipe of Dave’s Corn Muffins here

  1. Gluten free apple fritter muffins

The gluten-free apple fritter muffins are quite plain and not so sweet. They taste delicious but can get messy, so it is better to eat them right away.

Get your recipe of Gluten Free Apple Fritter Muffins here

  1. Grain free cherry muffins

With an almond flour base, the grain-free cherry muffins boast of a concoction of both brown and white sugar. The cherries in the muffins afford a kind of natural flavor that makes you want these delicious muffins again and again.

Get your recipe of Grain Free Cherry Muffins here

  1. Bacon muffins

These savory bacon muffins are a great way to have your breakfast on the go! They alsoare a perfect treat for friends and relatives who are staying over in your house during the holidays.

Get your recipe of Bacon Muffins here

  1. Refrigerator apple raisin bran muffins

These muffins are so named as the batter can be kept in the fridge for future baking for up to six weeks. Since it is bran based muffin, you can have it during breakfast.

Get your recipe for Refrigerator Apple Raisin Bran Muffins here

  1. Morning glory muffins

These are a fruit-based muffin that mainly includes apples, carrots, and nuts. You will enjoy this muffin more in the Fall season when the roadside grocery stores are full of fresh apples.

Get your recipe for Morning Glory Muffins here

  1. Double chocolate banana muffins

The double chocolate banana muffins are very easy to make and perfect for snack time. Since they are quite sweet, you can also serve them as desserts.

Get your recipe for Double Chocolate Banana Muffins here

  1. Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

These pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are a great way to stock the fridge as you can use them later as snacks or breakfast treats. You will fall in love with the beautiful aroma that emanates at the time of cooking these muffins.

Get your recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins here

  1. Lemon raspberry muffins

These are one of those muffin recipes that is very easy and quick to make but, most importantly, not compromising on the taste. These muffins usually take only 30 minutes to make, and they don’t last long once they come out from the oven.

Get your recipe for Lemon Raspberry Muffins here

  1. Easy muffins

As the name suggests, this is a basic muffin recipe that usually comes in handy when you want to prepare something quickly and easily. It uses all the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen, but it is still delicious.

Get your recipe for Easy Muffins here

  1. Red velvet weight watchers muffins

These are smaller sized muffins and perfect for those who are trying to lose excess weight or small tea parties. The size is just enough to douse any cake cravings.

Get your recipe for Red Velvet Weight Watchers Muffins here

  1. Cinnamon roll muffins

You have heard of the traditional cinnamon roll. Right? Well, this muffin is a fun twist to those rolls, and there is no yeast involved anywhere.

Get your recipe for Cinnamon Roll Muffins here

  1. Healthy cranberry orange muffins

These gluten-free cranberry orange muffins are very buttery, sweet, and filled with cranberries in every bite that you take. Compared to the other muffins, these are good for you and perfect as a healthy snack.

Get your recipe for Healthy Cranberry Orange Muffins here

  1. Cream cheese blueberry muffins with lemon glaze

These blueberry muffins are not the ordinary blueberry muffins that you always have. The cream cheese in the batter makes them very moist. The lemon glaze makes them even more enticing.

Get your recipe for Cream Cheese Blueberry Muffins with Lemon Glaze here

  1. Jelly donut muffins

These jelly donut muffins are an excellent way for the kids to start the day after a long holiday. They have powdered sugar and jelly center; what more can you ask for?

Get your recipe for Jelly Donut Muffins here

  1. Pineapple carrot raisin muffins cream cheese frosting

Yes, we know that it is a long and crazy name for a mere muffin. But when you taste it, you will see that it is super delicious and worth trying.

Get your recipe for Pineapple Carrot Raisin Muffins Cream Cheese Frosting here

  1. Lemon raspberry muffins

The lemon raspberry muffins are very easy to make, and it uses minimal ingredients. These yummy sweet treats can be had any time of the day but best enjoyed during breakfast.

Get your recipe for Lemon Raspberry Muffins here

  1. Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins

If you follow the recipe perfectly then, you will be able to prepare as many as 30 muffins in a short time. It is so easy to make, and when they come out of the oven, they look fresh, moist, and very yummy.

Get your recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins here

  1. Low carb double chocolate protein muffins

These are very healthy muffins, and you can enjoy them with a cup of keto coffee. This is a unique recipe for a muffin as you do not have to choose between chocolate protein muffins and double chocolate muffins. When you have one of these, you get the best of both worlds.

Get your recipe for Low Carb Double Chocolate Protein Muffins here

  1. Glazed pumpkin spice muffins

These muffins consist of pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice. These moist muffins have a sweet sugar glaze that makes them extra special.

Get your recipe for Glazed Pumpkin Spice Muffins here

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