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10 Time Telling Activities For Kids

10 Time Telling Activities For Kids

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Learning how to tell time is a challenge for a lot of littles, so using a fun and creative way to help them makes for an easier time of it. Check out a bunch of these fun and cute ideas that we found on the blog-o-sphere for Time Telling Activities For Kids.

We found 10 Time Telling Activities For Kids that are great for helping to teach this important skill to the lttles in your life.

10 Time Telling Activities For Kids

Sidewalk Chalk Clock

You can make reading a clock and telling time highly enjoyable with this huge sidewalk chalk clock. It is a unique way to get outside, to get your legs moving and tell the time. For our kids, we drew a huge clock on the driveway, and they have fun playing the clock game. 

Learn about Sidewalk Chalk Clock here

Telling Time Play Dough Mats

The simple play dough mats can be used for the development of mathematical skills in the child and make him understand clocks. Since kids are generally fans of play dough, clock playdough mats make learning more fun. 

Learn about Telling Time Play Dough Mats here

Telling Time Paper Plate

When you are teaching your children to read and tell the time, a telling time paper plate is a great choice. These paper plates are a proven way to get the kids engaged in learning about time. It is a known fact that children love to tell time on clocks that they like, and paper plates are an excellent solution. 

Learn about Telling Time Paper Plate here

Hickory Dickory Dock Craft

The Hickory Dickory Dock craft helps to incorporate literacy and maths wherein the ability levels can be adjusted as your child grows. The craft is easy to do, and a kid can do it without parental supervision. 

Learn about Hickory Dickory Dock Craft here

Telling Time Clock Station

A kid needs loads of practice to tell time. An easy time telling station can be set up at eye level as it is an excellent practice for the kids as they can keep track of the time throughout the day. 

Learn about Telling Time Clock Station here

More Time Telling Activities For Kids:

Learning to Tell Time with the Very Grouchy Lady Bug

A ladybug unit cannot be set up if you haven’t read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle. But you cannot read this book also with discussing telling time. So you can teach your child about telling times and teach them how to make ladybug clocks. 

Learn about Learning to Tell time with the very Grouchy Lady Bug here

Time Telling Sensory Bin

The kids always seem to have an issue with telling time. Even if you tell them that it is bedtime, they never seem to know the exact time. But, thankfully, the time telling sensory bin comes to our rescue. 

Get to know about Time Telling Sensory Bin here

Hickory Dickory Dock Tuff Spot

This is a unique and exciting way to make the kids learn to tell the time. Since Hickory Dickory Dock is the favorite Nursery Rhyme for many kids, this Tuff Spot immediately evokes an interest in them. 

Learn about Hickory Dickory Dock Tuff Spot here

Great START Piep Piep Piep or Matching watches with Toddlers

Piep Piep is a lovely board book that has beautiful images of different everyday things and all the different kinds of sounds that they make. The kids will love this book as it has brightly colored pages and fun noises. 

Learn about Great START Piep Piep Piep here

Time Telling Hoola Hoop

Learning math is indeed more fun outside than inside. If you are trying to introduce time telling activities, then it is the right time to take a hula hoop and sidewalk chain. You just need to call out the time, and the kids will have to move the hands of the hula hoop clock and show the right time. 

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