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10 Great Grilling Tips

10 Great Grilling Tips

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10 Great Grilling Tips

People like to get together during the warmer weather and enjoy the outdoors. One favorite pastime of many is to have a backyard barbecue. This can be great fun, however, it is important that you know some tips on getting the most out of your barbecue. Here are some grilling tips that will make your barbecue more enjoyable.

Making the Most Out of Your Barbecue

  1. Clean the Grill-
    It is important that you start with a clean grill. Turn on the barbecue to warm the grill. Take a barbecue brush and scrub the grill to remove caked on grease and grime. Turn off the grill and allow it to cool. You can also take some warm water and soap to wipe down any other dirt and debris. Rinse with clear water and then fire up the grill to remove any soapy residue before placing the food on the barbecue.
  2. Marinate Your Food-
    No matter what cut of meat you choose, it is important that you marinate it overnight. This will permit the seasonings to penetrate the food and give it a boost of flavor. Doing this will not only enhance the flavor, it will also help to tenderize it. Use good quality oil as your base for marinating.
  3. Room Temperature-
    Always make sure that the food that you are grilling has warmed to room temperature. This will stop the meat from being shocked from the difference in temperatures once you place it on the grill.
  4. Prep Your Food Beforehand-
    In order to save yourself some time and prevent food from burning, make sure that you prep your food beforehand. If you are planning on grilling vegetables, make sure that they are washed, pared, and cut into the proper size way before it is time to start up the barbecue.
  5. Ask for Assistance-
    Get others to help you with the barbecuing. Your family and guests are going to be enjoying the barbecue. Therefore, there is no reason why they cannot help you with the preparation as well as the cooking.
  6. Barbecue Vegetables-
    Make sure to prepare some vegetables for barbecuing. These can serve as a side dish and also cut down on some of the cost of serving the crowd.
  7. Spray Bottle-
    Have a spray bottle filled with water beside your grill. You can use it to stop flare ups when you are grilling the food. Chicken is a known culprit for flaring up, so make sure that you watch it carefully while grilling.
  8. Tongs-
    Get into the habit of using tongs while barbecuing. Use them to turn food on the grill. This way your food is cooked properly and the marinade stays inside the food.
  9. Tin Foil-
    Always make sure that you have tin foil on hand before you start barbecuing. Tin foil can be used to cover your grill to provide a cooler cooking surface for your food.
  10. Use Paper Plates-
    Have paper plates on hand to place the cooked foods. This will cut down on having to wash so many dishes after your barbecue.

Following these 10 barbecue tips above will help to make your barbecue a success and also relieve some of your stress. Careful planning and preparation is also the key to achieving this…so you, and your family can enjoy the short summer that us Wisconsinites get.