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Home Inspections Tell You The WHOLE Story !

Home Inspections Tell You The WHOLE Story !

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There is nothing like eating breakfast in your new kitchen, under that skylight you fell in love with, only to see it leaking as it started raining out… or how about learning that your new fireplace can’t burn more than one log at a time because it’s not finished being converted from a gas fireplace? OOOH, your first family picnic on your deck helps you realize that you have some dry rot and the previous owners had simply painted over it!!

I could go on and on … horror stories about dangerous electrical work, high radon levels, black mold in the walls, critter infestations and more — but there is one sure-fire way to avoid taking on any surprise headaches when you buy a house: get a home inspector!

$200-500, depending on who you pick is SOOOO worth avoiding any of those costly surprises I mentioned. We had dodged a few bullets in our “perfect house hunt” and that’s because we coughed up a few bucks to have a professional check out the house before us. That is a lot less than a $2,500 Radon System or a $10,000 Black Mold clean up.

We last used Riley from Story Creek . Ladies, he’s a 6 foot 6 inch tall adorable hunk of knowledge who grew up in the construction business because his dad owns one. He knows his stuff — and his detailed report (that we got the same day) was impressive as it referenced codes, problems and solutions. We are talking over 20 pages of details — that made him our total fav! (Besides him being just under 30 and cute!) We paid $475 and that included our Radon test…which the house failed but the sellers took care of before we closed. (whew!)

Check out the story of your own house before you buy — any home offer SHOULD say “pending home inspection and radon test” to protect YOU, the buyer. We will talk more about Radon soon, but here is the guy I’d recommend in a heartbeat:

Riley Schuster (Licensed)
Story Creek
Home Inspections LLC

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