Unwrapping the Mysteries of Craft Chocolate

Unwrapping the Mysteries of Craft Chocolate

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If it is one thing we love, it is a great hobby! Taking on the making of something so you can master it is not only rewarding but fun! We have seen the trend in the craft beer movement, the craft coffee movement and now? Craft Chocolate is the hot craze! Personally, I think chocolate is the fifth food group and everyone should have at least five servings a day. It’s been proven that good quality, especially dark chocolate, is actually pretty healthy for us!

Unwrapping the Mysteries of Craft Chocolate

What is Craft Chocolate? It is not to be confused with chocolate crafts. Although, there is a similar thread between the two: A passion to create is needed!

Have you ever gotten excited about making something and making it so incredibly well that you amaze everyone? I have a friend who not only brews his own beer but makes mead from scratch too. He loves to play with different ingredients, work the process, and end up with amazing finished results that blow my mind. I know a lot of us peruse Pinterest simply for that reason; to use the inspiration of others to step up our own game. Often, that encourages us to do better. To make it better. To try and improve upon the original until it has our own stamp of originality upon it.

I also have a friend that is really into craft coffee. She even went to pick her own beans once – to learn the process from the very beginning. She roasts her own beans, grinds and so  much more that I simply don’t understand. I will say that she makes the best coffee I have ever tasted though. It is way beyond a simple cuppa from my Keurig.

Now, think about my friend who is into craft beer. Instead of that process, think about making the best candy bars you could ever eat: Craft Chocolate Bars. You are looking for the best raw ingredients you can find. You learn how to master the process of how to process it and then create something from the finished raw goods to make the ultimate new product. Myself, I am just a novice at the topic but totally enthralled. I learned more here.

Oh. My. Stars. Isn’t that an incredible journey to go on?

How can something like that possibly compare to a candy bar that you dimply grab at the checkout aisle of your local grocery store? After you whip up a masterpiece or two, you will never want the pre-processed, mass-produced, name brand standard that you used to have as a “go to”.

Now I know this is fast becoming a rage in the United Kingdom, and what starts there, usually ends up here shortly after! You are getting a head’s up at what you will be seeing a lot more of around the good ol’ United States soon! I highly suggest you look a little more into Craft Chocolate and start making your plans to take advantage of the new craze that is soon to sweep across us crafty types!

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