Your Ultimate Guide to Bento Lunch: How To Pack the Perfect Box!

Your Ultimate Guide to Bento Lunch: How To Pack the Perfect Box!

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As bento fever sweeps the nation, more and more people are finding out about this amazing way to pack a lunch. But with so many bento boxes on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Bento lunch boxes provide you the chance to give your child a lunch that is fun as well as healthy and frugal!

Your Ultimate Guide to Bento Lunch: How To Pack the Perfect Box!

Have you wanted to learn more about bento boxes? Then take a look below at tips for packing a back-to-school bento box lunch. You will find some easy and inexpensive bento box lunch tips that you can try this new school year. Packing a bento box lunch is easier than you may think, so take a look at these tips for ideas on how to get started!

Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

There are a ton of bento lunch boxes for kids out there! They range in price from $14 to over $70. For bento lunches, you want a lunchbox that is leakproof and easy for kids to open themselves; some bento boxes are designed specifically with little hands in mind!

This Bentgo Kids Brights is one of our favorites, as it has ideal portion sizes for kids, is incredibly durable, has leak-proof technology, and is made with BPA-free food-grade materials! To top it off, they are a proud supporter of Feed the Children!

If you aren’t a fan of plastic, this WeeSprout 18/8 Stainless Steel Bento Box (Large) – 3 Compartment Metal Lunch Box, for Kids & Adults is a great choice. You can use it in the freezer or dishwasher, it is stainless steel, and will last a long, long, time.

Some people prefer one with an insulated bag – those school lockers can get pretty warm, after all! This Bento Lunch Box with Insulated Bag, Water Bottle & Ice Pack Set for Kids is pretty slick.

Bento Lunch Box Accessorires

Now that you have a Divided Bento Box with a lid, you only need a few more things!

  • Assorted small cookie cutters, metal works best
  • Small spreaders
  • Paper or silicone cupcake cups

This set from B Wiched is a fantastic starting point for the beginner!

If you have never seen one of these packed before, it may take some trial and error! But don’t worry – with practice comes improvement. Soon enough you’ll be packing Bentos like a pro!

So how do you use these materials? The idea is to use cookie cutters to create fun shapes out of your meat and cheeses. You can even use these on pieces of bread and other food items that can be cut into shapes. Spreaders are used to create fun patterns on your bento box, and the cupcake cups can be used as a vessel for dipping sauces.

The cupcake cups are great to use as dividers for small items such as nuts, berries, grapes, etc. They can help to better display the item while keeping it contained and in place.

Spreaders are perfect for including toppings, dressings, and other spreadable items in the bento box. They are also great for creating fun patterns on bento boxes!

One of the most important things you can do before packing a bento box is to look at what your child likes and dislikes. Is there anything they won’t eat? If so, don’t include it in their bento lunchbox. What about foods that have been a challenge for them? Do they like to have a drink with their bento box lunch?

You should include foods that your child likes. It may be helpful to keep track of what is eaten and not eaten so you know what will work better as you get more practice!

It’s important, too, to pack the bento box in a way that is appealing to your child. You may need some trial and error until you find the perfect bento box lunch for them!

Bento Lunch Box Ideas

Tips for packing a bento box lunch:

1. Try to include the various food groups. You can pack cheeses for dairy, nuts or meat for protein, assorted fruits and veggies, and even avocado for healthy fat.

2. Make it themed. You can find all sorts of themed lunch ideas online that will guide you in creating some fun and edible ideas!

3. Get your child involved. Let your child help plan the meal and even help cut out the shapes if possible.

4. Keep it fresh. Use as many fresh and natural ingredients as possible.

5. Keep it fun. Remember that the bento box does not need to be picture-perfect. Create something fun and tasty and you will have done the job well!

Try packing a bento box lunch for your child and see how well it goes over! You are sure to create something fun, tasty, and above all, healthy!

Fun Bento Lunch Recipes

Finger foods are the best bet for packing in Bento – like these Cheddar Cornbread Dogs or even these Toasted Ravioli Skewers. Rice balls are always a huge hit and with the emoji’s on them – how cute is that?

How about a theme like Easy Avengers Theme Lunchbox Ideas, Marvel Super Hero Bento, or even this fun Spooky Halloween Bento lunch.

You could go with something simpler like this chicken taco Bento idea, This build-your-own pizza meal, or even this fun Bento gem for your favorite soccer fan!

Yes, you could search Pinterest for yours, but there is no real need to. There are bento box lunch ideas galore online!

The bento boxes can be reused and they’re really very versatile. You could use them to pack salads, dips, and even desserts – pretty much any finger food will work!

Bento boxes make great bento box lunchbox ideas for adults, too. We can all use a little more guidance with our healthy eating habits these days and bento boxes are the perfect way to do just that!

Whatever your bento needs may be – we’ve got you covered.




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