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How to Make Our Easy and Thin Breakfast Crepes

How to Make Our Easy and Thin Breakfast Crepes

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Do you love crepes but don’t have time to stand over a stove and make them one by one? Do you hate the thick, heavy crepes that are often served in restaurants? If so, this recipe is for you! These thin breakfast crepes take just minutes to prepare and cook. So give them a try – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

How to Make Easy and Thin Breakfast Crepes

They are easy to make

Crepes always sound so fancy and intimidating to attempt to make. Most people don’t realize how these “eggy pancakes” are really so very easy to do! You can create breakfast, dinner, or even dessert with these gems by just simply changing what you use to fill them with.

They always impress whoever you serve them to – and can be made ahead by a few days to help you wow the socks off of guests at whatever event you want to serve them at.

Where did crepes come from?

Crepes actually originate from France – with the word “crepe” coming from the Latin word for “curled.” They were originally made as thin pancakes that could be rolled and filled with various sweet or savory fillings.

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Nowadays, you can find crepes all over the world – from street carts in New York City to cafes in Australia. And while the fillings may be different, one thing remains the same: crepes are delicious!

What are sweet crepes

The difference between sweet and savory crepes is simply the filling. Sweet crepes are often filled with things like fruits, jams, chocolate, or even ice cream. We love them with strawberries!

Dessert crepes

What are savory crepes?

If you’re not a fan of sweet crepes, don’t worry – there’s such a thing as savory crepes, too! These are made with either a plain or savory batter and can be filled with anything from cheese and veggies to chicken or fish.

It doesn’t matter

No matter what you choose to fill your thin breakfast crepe with, we guarantee it’ll be delicious! So what are you waiting for? Give this recipe a try and enjoy the thin, light, and flavorful crepes you’ve been missing out on. Bon appetit!

They were big in the 1970s

I remember a restaurant called The Magic Pan that was on the way to Milwaukee from Madison Wisconsin. It was a huge treat to go there and get the chicken and broccoli crepes.

ham crepes

My mom brought them back to the Madison area with a few variations when she ran the kitchens at the Bottom Line and Shooter’s Pub.

Occasionally, at the restaurant we had, we would run them as a special – only a savory version and usually a chicken version. I think my favorite was a slightly lemony chicken and spinach crepe we used to serve.

These are budget-friendly

Let’s face it, crepes are a pretty elegant food. They often show up on brunch menus and can be pretty pricey. But the great thing about thin breakfast crepes is that they are actually very budget-friendly!

You probably have most of the ingredients you need to make them already in your kitchen. And if you don’t, they are all very inexpensive. So next time you’re looking for a special breakfast or brunch item, give thin breakfast crepes a try!

savory crepe recipe

Our Thin Breakfast Crepes

I have a pinch of vanilla extract added to this batter and that is what makes them sweeter. This recipe will really work for anything with fruit or dessert crepes that have chocolate, caramel, or even Nutella in them.

Thin breakfast crepes ingredients:

  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 4 Eggs
  • pinch of vanilla extract
Thin Breakfast Crepes Tutorial

Thin Breakfast Crepes Tutorial

Place all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well with a hand mixer until the batter is entirely smooth – no lumps are visible.

Coat a frying pan with a small amount of butter or spray with Pam spray. Add a small amount of the crepe mixture to the pan and move the pan around to get your mixture spread evenly.

It should be thin.

After a minute, flip. (this will depend on your stove. You don’t want them to burn). Should be done in about 30 seconds later.

For breakfast, I slice strawberries and bananas up, roll them in and dust with cinnamon sugar or just drizzle a little orange juice over it.

Thin Breakfast Crepes

For lunch or dinner, skip the vanilla extract and I fill with a creamy chicken and broccoli filling or ham and asparagus and then add a little shredded cheese and golden bread crumbs. My current favorite? Goat cheese with fresh herbs – De-lish!


Q: Can I make thin breakfast crepes ahead of time?

A: Yes! This is actually a great idea if you’re serving them to guests. Just make the crepes and fillings ahead of time, then assemble them right before serving.

Q: What should I do with leftover thin breakfast crepes?

A: These are great for meal prep! Just fill them and store them in the fridge for an easy breakfast or lunch during the week.

Q: Can I freeze thin breakfast crepes?

A: Yes, you can freeze them. Just make sure to wrap them tightly so they don’t dry out. Thaw in the fridge overnight

Thin Breakfast Crepes

What is your favorite thing to put in a crepe? Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends if you liked it. 🙂

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