The Secret of Monthly Meal Planning

The Secret of Monthly Meal Planning

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There is a common sentence that says “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Some people experience this a lot, and I did, by trying to balance a job, household, and the family. Time is essential for everyone. This is a fact that no one can deny. With that in mind, the secret of monthly meal planning is a possible saving grace for everyone! If you have an ability to plan your meals for a full month, your efforts may save you from the drive-thru when you are busy, but also, get you nutritious dinners.

The Secret of Monthly Meal Planning

Monthly meal planning is going to save your money, time, and it will also allow you to have great dinners each night. A strategy for achieving this is quick and easy, so you should try it out for sure.

The simple method of monthly meal planning

To further help you with your monthly meal planning, I have highlighted this simple, yet very efficient method that you can start using immediately!

  1. Before everything, you want to make sure to print a monthly calendar. Fill in the month you want, dates of the month, and you are already set.
  2. Take your printed calendar and fill in the dates when you have events going on. For example, family dates, games, practices, etc. This is going to help you a lot when you look which nights you have to make a dinner.
  3. Create a list of the meals your family loves the most. These dishes are something that your family already enjoys, and you can use them whenever you are short on time or you don’t feel like searching for new things.
  4. Another thing you can do is creating a board on Pinterest. You will put your favorite dishes and ideas that you would like to try. People use these boards as an inspiration. You can make your own and make the process of meal planning fresh, fun, and easy!
  5. If you want to, you can always make theme nights that will help you with filling out your calendar. It will make it easier and will also bring excitement to your home and family! For example, pizza Friday, taco Tuesday, pasta Thursday. Don’t forget to add a breakfast when you have a dinner night.
  6. Start to fill in your dishes for the month. Be sure that before you even know it, you will have a month worth of meals done!
  7. Don’t forget to add every meal to your list. Of course, you can always just list dinners, or breakfasts, but I recommend putting everything to the list. You are going to save yourself a lot of time if you do this.

Keep in mind that this plan is not cemented. You can always change your plan however you like. To do this, write with a pencil if you feel like you are going to change your mind later. This happens a lot, of course. After all, a monthly meal planning is supposed to decrease the levels of stress.