The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween

The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween

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There is nothing not to love about Halloween. Is it the scary costumes that we all put on, the gifting as well the pranks we pull on each other? It has never been boring! As October 31st draws near, we begin to get our outfits ready to scare the shit out of our neighbors. In the spirit of Halloween, you know what else goes hand-in-hand with Halloween season? Scary horror movies! These movies would help set the mood as Halloween season approaches by the day. We have several kinds of horror movies that are perfect for Halloween on Netflix. Yeah! If you didn’t know, Netflix is not only about love, action or fiction. Let’s take a look at the scariest movies to watch on Netflix this coming Halloween.

The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween

The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween


This is the first movie on our collection of scary movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween. If you are the type that likes a mixture of scary and comedy as well as little of suspense. This movie is perfect for you. Starring Neve Campbell and David Arquette. You also get to solve mysteries, guess who, laugh and get scared. It is an amazing movie developed practically for Halloween.


This one is quite scarier than the former. It is suitable for Halloween night with friends and family. Based on a true-life story. Ever heard of the Zodiac killer? This movie will give you a puzzled impression and keep you racking your brain all night. Watch out for this movie on Netflix and be convinced in your mind that there’s more than one way to die. Starring Zodiac is MARK RUFFALO, JAKE GYLLENHAAL, and our beloved ROBERT DOWNEY Jr.

Ghost Ship

Have you ever seen a movie where you try to guess who will be left alive at the end? This is that kind of movie. A regular lifeless ship turned out to be something else. The look of fear on the crew as they realized they were not the only ones sailing on the ship. What a bad day to travel by ship! With nowhere to escape in the middle of the sea.

The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

What if all the scary designs- pumpkins, zombies and so on come to life on Halloween Night? What to do? A host of terror was released by some kids into the world. Everyone running helter-skelter. Who knew a book could contain so much? Remember Chucky, the mysterious doll, played a mysterious role tormenting every living soul.

Taking Lives

A 2004 scary movie starring our favorite Angelina Jolie, Kiefer Sutherland, and Ethan Hawke. If you are the kind of person who loves watching crime movies. This is the best for you this coming Halloween. Watch closely as a psychopathic coldhearted murderer assumes the identity of his victims. Be careful because this movie will give you goosebumps.


This is for zombie lovers. Starring Emma Stone, Jessie Eisenberg, and Woody Harelson. A perfect mix of comedy and action. Watch as these groups of hunters blow out the brains of zombies.

Velvet Buzzsaw

If you are the type that appreciates art paintings, you will pause a little before purchasing any drawings this Halloween. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, art hater who found out there was a supernatural power behind the drawings. See as these talented ghost creatures scare and haunt the crap out of people.


It starts with a timid young man who purchased a Vintage vehicle. Who knew a car could be possessed? I thought it was only houses that were haunted. Based on the stories of Stephen King. Christine, an envious evil spirit deals with anyone who wrongs the owner of the car. Be careful of what you buy. Who knows!

Train to Busan

An Asian movie directed by South Korean Yeon Sang-Ho. Full of suspense, action, escape sacrifice and tragedy. As a group of passengers travels to Busan by train meet up with the army of the dead. What to do when you see your husband turn? Do you kill him or run? This movie is an awesome movie for the scary night of Halloween.

Final Destination

Death is inevitable! Anyone could die anytime. Watch as every single creature in this movie is faced to die at any time, anywhere and anyhow. Who is left alive in this movie? Find out yourself. The final destination has four parts. Yeah! You can’t get enough, right?

Are there any great scary movies that we missed on our The Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween list? Tell us!

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