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Teaching Kids the Value of Money: Saving Up, A Little At A Time

Teaching Kids the Value of Money: Saving Up, A Little At A Time

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Miss Sarah has a hefty goal. She wants an iPad, like some of her friends have. We told her, that if she saved HALF, we would pay the difference.

WHY am I making my kiddo save over $200 for an iPad?

Some of her 6-7 year old friends, that got them for Christmas, have already ruined theirs.


They have been left in the yard when it rained, in the driveway to be backed over, thrown across a room, dropped off a boat….
I my opinion, somethings have very little value when they aren’t worked for.

SO, Miss Sarah is working for it. To date, she has saved $153.25 and it was all small, simple things like today.

One grandpa saves cans for her. A LOT of cans.

Every few months we take them to the recycling center…


Miss Sarah grabs the big barrels, we dump the bags of cans into them, and haul them over to the scale.


Today — we netted $14 or 28 pounds of cans.

That brought her up to $153.25. She has had a lemonaid stand, used birthday money and more. I am super proud of her!

What do you do to help teach your children the value of things?

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