The Best Places To Find Quality Discount Wedding Dresses

As you begin to plan your wedding budget, finding quality discount wedding dresses is probably on the top of the list.  There are tons of horror stories out there about finding a wedding dress.  Whether you order one online, or shop in your local stores, there is always a risk with buying a gown.  These places are great for quality […]

7 Tips For Keeping Your Wedding Budget Small

Keeping your wedding budget small may seem impossible, but we have some great tips that are sure to make it something you can manage with no problems.  There are so many great ways to lower your budget but still give you and your partner the experience you’ve been longing for.  Since your wedding is a big day that will be […]

When A Wedding Organizer Is A Good Investment

Nobody likes to add extra expenses to their budget, but a wedding organizer is sometimes a good choice.  Making that choice isn’t clear sometimes.  Especially if you are limited on funds and worried about overspending by hiring help.  We are going to help you learn a bit more about when a wedding organizer is a good choice for your big […]

Wedding Decoration Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Saving money includes using some of these great wedding decoration ideas you can make yourself.  A wedding doesn’t have to break the bank when you think outside the box and make part of the decorations by yourself.  You don’t even need a ton of crafting or creative skills to handle most of these items.  Just a bit of time and […]