Oreo Apple Pops

It all started with these cute buckets we found at the Dollar Spot at Target. It’s hard to see, but the little cut outs around the rim are apples. So, we HAD to do something very teacher-y with them! I had seen apple pops on Room Mom 101 (in their header) But didn’t want to do cake pops.   I […]

DIY Thursday: Back To School

It’s that time of year – the kiddos are almost back in school! We have talked for a few weeks about the school supplies were on bargain pricing, clothes and now, what to do for the teacher! Not everyone likes to do a gift for the teacher for the first day of school – so think of these ideas for […]

Valentine’s Day Party!

I have talked before about taking advantage of what your church has to offer, in way of programs for socializing. Creating that sense of community it wonderful! It’s great to surround yourself with like-minded people, and set that example for your children. Our church has a Valentine’s Brunch today, from 9:00 am to noon. Brunch,crafts and fun for all family […]