27 Ideas to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Do you want to celebrate Star Wars Day this year? I think back to May 25, 1977, when I was at Hilldale Shopping Center’s movie theater and in line to see the very first movie.I was entranced in the epic sci-fi adventure with galactic knights, a princess, and a legendary battle between good and evil. It. Was. Amazing to an […]

Celebrate May the 4th Be With You Using Our Treats!

If you know me, you know I love all things Disney. That includes the Star Wars franchise and I just had to have fun with a date that is just around the corner! May the 4th Be With You is our collection of Star wars recipes that we have shared over the years, ranging from drinks to cupcakes! We hope […]

Beyond Adorable R2D2 Treats

If you have any Star Wars fans in your house or among friends and family, be sure you bookmark or print this recipe. I can’t think of a nicer way to put an unexpected and welcome smile on their faces than to share these R2D2 treats with them. Aren’t they adorable? They’re tasty too! Can be served alongside our Stormtrooper […]

Yummy & Easy Stormtrooper Treats

I love ding dongs and I love Star Wars so this is the perfect treat for someone like me, so long as I don’t eat them all before the kiddo gets home from school. Yummy, easy to make and so cool, you’ll get many thanks. If you share, that is. You will need: 1 package of white chocolate ding dongs […]

Star Wars Death Star Oreos

It was the Empire’s ultimate weapon, a space station the size of a moon; one capable of destroying an entire planet. The Death Star. Any Star Wars fan will tell you all about it. You could suggest they tell you more…over a snack of milk and (these) cookies, maybe? Thankfully, these Death Star Oreo treats aren’t capable of anything other […]