The Best 5 Ingredient Crockpot Meals

Nowadays everyone is looking for ‘more’ and ‘fast’ things but these are not always desirable choices. It is a great idea if you can simplify things a bit, so we have come up with as many as twenty 5 ingredient crockpot meals. However, preparing these dishes require a high level of patience as it involves slow-cooking method. So here they […]

Slow Cooker Recipes You Have To Try This Summer

Summer is time or fun and relaxing in the sun, why spend hours cooking dinner over a hot stove when it’s already 100 degrees outside?  Save yourself the heatstroke and start using your crockpot. You can make some amazing meals in a slow cooker and the best part is there is usually a lot of food left over so you […]

100 Crockpot Recipes For Meal Planning

Everyone loves great Crockpot recipes to save time and money.  When you are trying to begin meal planning to cut your budget in half, using your Crockpot is one of the best ideas you can have.  Not only is it super easy to use, but it saves a ton of time. 100 Crockpot Recipes For Meal Planning I’ve taken the […]

Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs – 4 Weight Watcher Smart Points!

I fantasize about things that work for me while I am sleeping. A slow cooker is totally at the top of that list! Seriously, set it and forget it? What is there to NOT love? These slow cooker Italian Meatballs are something simple to toss together at night and let rip away while you are counting sheep. Use them for […]

100 Chicken Recipes For Meal Planning

If you are meal planning, then you probably know that using chicken is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to create yummy meals your entire family will love.  I’ve gathered my favorite chicken recipes for meal planning from all of my fellow bloggers to share here with you. 100 Chicken Recipes For Meal Planning These chicken recipes for meal […]