5 Things You Should Reuse to Save Money

Today world is all about being eco-friendly and recycling and reusing just about everything. I am all for this movement. I like to do anything I can to save myself some money all while helping out the environment and making the world a better place. A lot of times recycling items is something really simple such as throwing your cans and […]

Savings Tracker – Free Printable

This site started with my mission to save $40,000 and we did it in less than a year. FOCUS. Focus is the magic word as you plan it out, break that plan down to bite size pieces and then turn it into a reality. Yes, we have our new home and have no mortgage…then we bought a car with cash. […]

Home Inspections Tell You The WHOLE Story !

There is nothing like eating breakfast in your new kitchen, under that skylight you fell in love with, only to see it leaking as it started raining out… or how about learning that your new fireplace can’t burn more than one log at a time because it’s not finished being converted from a gas fireplace? OOOH, your first family picnic […]

How to Save Money When Living Pay Check to Pay Check

How to Save Money When Living Pay Check to Pay Check At some point in life almost everyone has had to live paycheck to pay check. In fact currently 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with the rising cost of food, utilities, rent and items for the kids it seems like a struggle to stretch that money as far […]

Teaching Kids the Value of Money: Saving Up, A Little At A Time

  Miss Sarah has a hefty goal. She wants an iPad, like some of her friends have. We told her, that if she saved HALF, we would pay the difference. WHY am I making my kiddo save over $200 for an iPad? Easy. Some of her 6-7 year old friends, that got them for Christmas, have already ruined theirs. {sigh} […]

3 Easy Tips for Sealing Driveway Yourself

Tips for Sealing Driveway? Curb appeal is a HUGE thing to a home buyer — you need to have everything visibly appealing to help make that killer first impression! I have done a great job with the flower beds, there is always something blooming in my yard – all spring, summer, and fall. When they did the street work a […]