Sweetheart Macaroons

I LOVE spending a little time in the kitchen to make a BIG smile on someone’s face! These Sweetheart Macaroons will do just that — and are SUPER easy to make! Sweetheart MacaroonsMakes 12   Ingredients: 2 ½ cups shredded, unsweetened coconut red food dye ½ cup granulated sugar 2 egg whites, lightly whisked 5 tsp vanilla Powdered sugar, optional […]

Easy, Crazy Delicious Buffalo Chicken Ring

There are Buffalo chicken sandwiches, Buffalo wings, Buffalo shrimp… but have you ever had a Buffalo chicken ring? It’s a new twist on the classic Buffalo wing! If you’re looking for an easy recipe that is crazy delicious, look no further. All you need to make this dish is crescent dough and a few simple ingredients. It doesn’t matter if […]

Amazingly Easy Duncan Hines Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe

This Red Velvet Pancakes recipe of mine starts with an average-sized (15.25 oz) box of Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix and turns out an amazingly tasty treat! It doesn’t have to be saved for Valentine’s Day but can be whipped up any time for that special someone in your life, or even yourself! While I haven’t found a decent […]

Step into Citrus Heaven: My Darling Clementine Bars

Isn’t there something truly magical about the aromatic whiff of citrus wafting through your kitchen? That’s the spell of ‘My Darling Clementine Bars’ cooking up a storm! Named after that old, heartwarming love song ‘Oh My Darlin’, Oh My Darlin’, Oh My Darlin’ Clementine…,’ these citrus-infused beauties are as enchanting to the palate as the song is to the ears. […]

**Knockoff** Olive Garden Pasta e Fagoli Soup Recipe

My cousin was a manager at an Olive Garden restaurant for years, she even earned the free trip to Italy from her job performance! (Love her!!) Here is the thing, the soup – salad – breadstick lunch is FAR from that old $4.95 per person days… but I ADORE and often crave this soup. Here is the recipe that I […]

25 Recipes: 5 Ingredients or Less!

Don’t you love FAST and EASY recipes when you are pinched for time – or looking at a less than fully stocked pantry? Here is a quick round up of 25 recipes, that all use 5 ingredients or less! Easy Breakfast Recipe The easy breakfast recipes are perfect for busy mornings. They are very healthy and delicious and will keep […]