Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pasta

Pasta is such a great way to stretch a meal. You can get a one-pound box of dried pasta for under a dollar easily if you watch the sales. Add a few veggies, a little meat, and a simple sauce? You can feed a large family for practically pennies. It is an amazing way to use leftovers! This Everything but […]

Mouthwatering Ceasar Chicken Pasta Casserole Recipe

Ceasar Chicken Pasta Casserole is one of those incredibly budget friendly meals that makes your mouth water at the same time it makes your pocketbook sing. With staple ingredients like pasta, a bottle of salad dressing, and a low cost meat like chicken, you simply can’t go wrong. Why Ceasar Chicken Pasta Casserole? If you pay attention to your local […]

Cajun Pasta Mardi Gras Recipe

I like comfort foods and pasta is high on my list of them. This is a petty easy to make, yet complex and impressive dish to serve during this great month of Mardi Gras! The Cajun flavors and delicacies in this dish will treat the taste buds and find its way into your permanent recipe box. – 28 Smart Points […]