Melon Flavored Witches Brew Moonshine

Halloween is not just for the kiddies, it is for anyone who is a child at heart! This is a fun way for the adults to celebrate: with this tasty Melon Flavored Witches Brew Moonshine recipe!     This treat enlists the help of Everclear to give it that bite or hint of “poison” to the potion – I first […]

Tartfully Delicious Lemon Pie Moonshine Recipe

Lemon Pie Moonshine from scratch One thing you need to know is this recipe will take weeks to cure. All of my moonshine recipes take about 4 weeks to infuse the flavors before you strain them to enjoy. There really is no hack or cheat to speed up the process if you want a great moonshine! Lemon Pie Moonshine Quart […]

Lightning McQueen Moonshine Recipe

Cars 3 is due to hit theaters soon and we have something for Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen). This zippy cocktail is sure to please all race fans! OK, moonshine sounds more like a Mater thing, but the sparkling ruby color can only be attributed to McQueen… What you need: To Make Cherry Moonshine 2 – 32 oz jars of Just […]