45 Pantry Meals for Tough Times or Tight Budgets

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has made life difficult for everybody. Many are unable to go to the local grocery store to restock on the fresh produce. People are pinching pennies as they aren’t working and bringing in the income they had been. Canned goods and dried staples have been the savior for a lot of people, turning also to dried […]

Unnecessary Bills To Cut During Job Loss

Bills To Cut? SOOOOO many people need help with this right now.They are facing an uncertain future with mandatory layoffs, have no income coming in, are looking at a mountain of credit card debt, as well as wondering how they are going to make their house payments. Life is about choices, priorities if you will; it is what we choose […]

The Year in Review and Looking Forward

As 2019 comes to a close and we start looking forward to 2020, it is time to look at the past to see what worked and then to the future to see what may need to be changed. We did just that, with our year in review, and have a few things up our sleeves around here. Year in Review […]

When to Buy Seasonal Fruits and Veggies by Month: A Guide

One of the big tips on saving at the grocery store is knowing When to Buy Seasonal Fruits and Veggies by Month! Everyone knows that buying produce in season is a great way to save money on your overall grocery bill. Even if you don’t plan ever to start a garden, knowing when to stock up could save you a […]

How to Simplify Your Budget: Tips for Streamlining Your Finances

Have you ever looked at your budget and felt overwhelmed? I have many times so I’m willing to bet that you have as well. Budgets can get pretty complicated if we let them and when that happens, it isn’t too long before you’re confused and spending more than you need to. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There […]

10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

We know it gets exciting to pour over all of the Black Friday ads and make a list of everything that tempts you. Remember, everything on those glossy papers are for sale, but not necessarily ON sale. Black Friday, or should I say Black Thursday most of the time now, is that one event so many people look forward to […]