How to Survive the 4th of July Without Spending a Dime

How to Survive the 4th of July Without Spending a Dime

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The 4th of July is coming up quick and it’s everyone’s favorite holiday, but it seems like you can’t enjoy anything without spending money. Most places charge for you to watch their firework displays and putting on your own display can not only be dangerous but can cost a fortune. Not only that but even throwing a little party at home can break you. There is no need to worry about all of that, though. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the 4th of July without spending a dime.

Enjoy the 4th of July Without Spending a Dime Operation40K

Firework Shows

There is no need to pay a fee to watch fireworks. It can be completely free if you just drive or walk around and find a place that is close and has a good view of the fireworks. You can bring your own drinks and snacks and enjoy what everyone else paid to watch. Sometimes if you know your neighbors are going to be having their own displays, you can sit outside in your yard and watch from the comfort of home. That way you won’t have to use any gas either. There is no need to go out and buy your own and risk something dangerous when you can enjoy all the others, free of charge.

No Party

Don’t spend all your money on throwing a party for the 4th of July. Take the day to spend with your family instead, make treats at home and play outside. There isn’t the need for the stress of having guests over and if you’ll have enough food or beverages. Let the day be a fun relaxing day for yourself and family without spending all this money on themed decor, food, etc. I promise you will enjoy it just as much and end the end you’ll be happy you didn’t spend a dime.

Free Activities

Go for a little picnic or if you’ve been invited to go somewhere go! There’s nothing better than free food and fun. Most festivities on the 4th of July will empty your wallet, so try and avoid them. They may look or sound fun but in the end, it isn’t worth it. You can find better things to do that are free of charge, if you’re planning on staying home with the family, find some DIY activities online that you can do with your kids.

The 4th of July is fun but very costly, it doesn’t have to be, though. With these few tips to help you, you can enjoy the 4th of July without spending a dime and I promise you it will be worth it. No need for all those expensive festival treats, rides, etc. You don’t have to empty your bank account just to have a good time. There are so much more ways you can enjoy this 4th of July cost-free, these are just a few. How are you going to be spending your 4th of July? Do you know of any other ways to have a fun 4th of July without spending any money? Tell me in the comments!

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