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Snowmen That Will Warm Your Heart

Snowmen That Will Warm Your Heart

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I have such an infatuation with snowmen. Even though snowmen (and women) are made out of snow, they just warm my heart so much! Once Thanksgiving time comes around, I’m ready to rip open my boxes of Christmas decorations to unwrap all of my beautiful snow people that I’ve collected over the years. Living in Wisconsin means we have eight months of winter a year and that gives us a lot of milage for a snowmen decorating theme!

I then realized that it was so very unfair of me to not share my love of snowmen with the world! So I decided to put together a list of snowmen that will warm your heart, and probably melt your soul from so much love.

Snowmen That Will Warm Your Heart

Snowmen That Will Warm Your Heart

Set of 3 Snowmen Joy Figurines

This charming snowman set will melt your heart! Decor set includes three snowman figurines, each holding a letter of the festive “JOY” message. Perfect for decorating any indoor space, including home, office or school.

Napco Tall Jolly Hat Snowman

I love how adorable this snowman is with his blue scarf that has a pom-pom ball fringe, and glittery accents.  I love his cheery little cheeks.

Nordic Noel Plus Softie Snowman

This little plush snowman is goober soft, and wears the most adorable Nordic style hat. You can just plop him down anywhere, and he’ll add a ton of winter charm.

Snowman Plus Set

While we’re talking about plush snowmen, take a look at these fabulous snowmen. The set of 4 plush comes with their very own distinctive scarves that add to the joy of them.

Set of Plus Snowmen Snowballs

Who doesn’t love a great bag of plush snowballs that are actually snowmen. It’s a great and fun way to have a fabulous snowball fight!

LED Light Up Snowmen Figurines

The yellow tone acrylic adds a nice warm glow when the LED light shows through. It’s like the snowmen have a little fireplace placed inside of them. I also adore the cheery disposition and fun that they all have.

Snowman with moving Train in Belly

How you can you not smile while watching a train move in this snowman’s belly? It brings me so much joy and happiness to watch. The detail is just amazing.

Sparkle Tree Shelf Sitters

These guys make me super happy. They look like they’ve been out in the woods all night in trying to find the most perfect Christmas trees to bring home to their families.

Lillian Vernon Miniature Snowman Figurine

Family and Friends make the Holidays bright” is such a heart-warming message that I love sharing! He carries a tiny lantern on one resin stick arm and makes all who see him feel as welcome as can be.

Jim Shore Heartwood Snowman Figure

This snowman is adorable with holly in one hand and a big candy cane in the other one. Then there’s the snowman’s belly – it has a miniature snowman outside of his home. Extremely heart warming!

Sledding Snowman Table Top Decoration

It’s a snowman bob sledding team on its way down to the snowiest hill to spread holiday cheer to everyone. The LED lights add so much happiness.

Inflatable Snowmen Family Decoration

This is the happiest, most cheerful, and heart-warming snowmen family I’ve seen. It’s an inflatable family that will make all of your neighbors smile from ear to ear. This snowmen family brings happiness, and a gift.

Snowman Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper

If you’re looking a Christmas Tree topper to really make you smile, then you need this one. You can even buy a white tree, and make the whole tree your snowman! I love that idea, and the happiness it brings by looking it.

LED Snowmen String of Lights

Yes, even lights can make you smile and happy. These snowmen lights are insanely adorable, and would go great on a Christmas tree, or simple to decorate any part of your house.

Snowman Candy Storage Basket

I love having little pieces of snowmen around the house, and this basket is simply adorable. It makes me happy just looking at it, and knowing that I can put him in the bathroom with some wintry soaps or potpourri.  That or just simply fill with candy and give as a gift.

Vintage Glitter Snowmen with Children

These designer accent pieces are perfect to create a sophisticated Christmas display the perfect decorative addition to your home. There’s something so tender watching the kids interact with the snowmen.

Lakeside Collections Seas and Greetings Snowman

This snowman brings so much happiness by bringing the ocean feel to you! It features starfish buttons, coral arms and a seashell nose.

LED Standing Snowman with String of Lights

I cant stand how with how much I love this snowman standing next to this vintage street lamp with holding a string of multi-colored lights. It reflects everything Christmas cheer is about.

Ganz Confection Snowman  Figurine

Visions of sugarplums and candy went into the creation of this fantastical Snowman Figurine. This snowman will be a cherished holiday decor piece. The icy pastel tones with loads of candy detailing are just sweet additions to it.

Snowmen Cutlery Bags

Looking to host your next holiday dinner party and looking for some extra love and charm to add to it? Then look no further! These snowmen cutlery bags are perfect to hold your silverware in on a table for décor. I am so in love with these!

Snow Buddies around the Tree

This is such an amazing heart-warming scene to behold. The way that nature interacts with these snowmen enjoying time with each other is magnificent and heart-warming.

With so many different snowmen to choose from, it was really hard to try to narrow them down to this list. However, these are totally some of my most favorite heart-warming ones to share with you.


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