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Shop for Local Produce and Save Big

Shop for Local Produce and Save Big

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Where do you shop for your produce?  If you don’t think twice before buying produce, you just might be able to learn how to shop for local produce save big with these tricks.

Shopping local for your produce is a great way to save money and cut down your overall budget!  Shopping local for your produce though, can get tricky.  Make sure you follow these tips to ensure that you are getting the best deals.

Hit up farm stands and farmers’ markets.

If you have any local farm stands in your area, I highly recommend making a stop at them when you are on your grocery run.  Not only are you going to save money, but many of these stands have vegetables and fruit that is organic and GMO free.

  • Apples can often be bought at a farm stand for 5 for $1 (as opposed to the $2 per lb you will find at the grocery store)
  • Vegetables such as zucchini and bell peppers are typically sold at around 3 for $1
  • The same goes with pumpkins and watermelons.  You can find these priced at just $2-$3 each! When was the last time you saw a pumpkin or watermelon that cheap.

Farmers markets are great for buying local produce, but are often not quite as cheap as farm stands.  That being said, farmer’s markets are great for carrying a wide variety of local goods beyond just produce.

Shop for Local Produce and Save Big

Another way to find local produce is at your local neighborhood grocery store.

I don’t mean your neighborhood big chain grocery store, I mean that Mom & Pop shop just down the road.  Because they often don’t have big suppliers, you will find that local farms approach them about selling their produce more often.

That being said, your local big chain grocery store is another place to find local produce at a lower price (although not as low priced as farm stands, etc.).

Many bigger grocery stores have a section dedicated to local produce and products and because the produce does not have to travel as far, the price is able to be kept lower.

Shop for Local Produce and Save Big

Finally, one more great way to find local produce and save big is by joining a food co-op.

A Food Co-op is a local food distribution outlet that is often managed by its members.  The members choose what to order during each order cycle and who to order from.  Most of these co-ops are created so that people have a chance to purchase local and organic food at a lower price than they would elsewhere.

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