How to Throw a Rainbow Birthday Party

How to Throw a Rainbow Birthday Party

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Miss Sarah wanted a Rainbow Birthday Party when she turned 7. It may or may not have been the result of my coaching, as I had stocked up on a few supplies that would really make it work. So, here is what we did and with a budget of under $50.00! We simply got a little creative, and put a little time in on the back end.

rainbow party table shot

What you need for a Rainbow Birthday Party

First we stocked up on Rainbow Birthday Party supplies. I hit the local dollar store for lanterns, silly string, beach pails with shovels, silly straws, and balloons. I shopped AFTER the summer the year before, so I got some the buckets 2/$1. It was all under $30.00. This is where it pays to plan ahead!

Rainbow Party Supplies

The Kool-Aid, Streamers, Skittles, Straws and Lip Gloss Rings came from my “stash”. Just wait until you see what we did witt them!

Rainbow Birthday Party Invitations

I combed Pinterest and thought about some super ideas but came up with S-I-M-P-L-E.   I had to make 32 of these little things as we were inviting her entire class of 17, and the Girl Scout troop of 12, along with a few friends.
Now, before you faint…

rainbow party invite

It’s Father’s Day weekend and I know (from history) that roughly half the invited kiddos won’t be able to attend. I figure we will have 18 kids, tops.

As for making the invitations, I cut black card stock in to 4 pieces (A2 sized)
and then the rainbow strips were 1/2 inch x 2 inch long. I ran them through my Cuttlebug to emboss them before gluing to the paper.  The cute “You’re Invited” cloud came from HERE, and was 4 to a page. (sorry, link removed because it no longer exists). We simply cut them out and glued them on over the strips.


For the back? Now, for the back — again, simple. I just needed to use my color printer, have them 4 to a page, and cut them apart.

So, I used:

  • 8 pieces of black card stock
  • half pages of: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple

I had the texture plates already so that just left some printing and coloring.
Easy – Peasy!  Now, as for the item in red…. I am going to take a picture and have the kids in rainbow order.
{I am strange like that}   I hope all colors are represented, LOL!

Making the Rainbow Birthday Party Gift Bags

I guess I should be saying gift buckets here! This was a super frugal project and kind of impressive for them to take home. Remember all of those bucket with scoops that I got at the dollar store?

I kept 6 buckets aside (one of each color) and used the other 12 for the party guests to take home. They were filled with white tissue, silly string, a matching color straw, lip gloss and bubble gum. We made cutesy labels for each item.

Rainbow Food

Now, the other buckets were for Kool”aid flavored popcorn — the recipe is HERE. I made it the day before and stored in 1 gallon zippy baggies. FYI – lemonade makes NASTY lemon ones…we used plain buttered popcorn.

rainbow party popcorn

See how cool it looked on the table? We had red/white striped popcorn bags so the kids could make their own assortment mix.

Rainbow Party Cover

The Rainbow Birthday Party candy bouquets were easy…

rainbow party candy arrangements

I took simple wooden skewers and strung rainbow colored taffy. Those, and the rainbow colored suckers, were simply stuck into craft foam inside an old planter and one of the buckets. I used some paper colored Easter basket shreds for fill around them.

rainbow party candy

The rainbow cupcakes were NOT a “Pinterest fail”… they looked great until the temperature reached 90+. That is when the sour candy rainbows “wilted” (sigh) Regardless, the kids ripped into them with gusto.

rainbow party cupcakes

I did add some healthy snacks like these rainbow fruit kabobs.

rainbow party fruit

It was those wooden skewers again with a strawberry, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew melon, blueberries, and red grapes. Poor Miss Sarah wanted to eat them but she couldn’t… that dang food allergy. But they were pretty impressive looking.

Every party needs balloons

We made a rainbow party balloon arch (the big How-to is HERE)

rainbow party ballons

The Rainbow Birthday Party Outfit

You also see her cute rainbow skirt that she asked me to make. It’s mostly tulle and used up my stash! We added red ribbon to the shoulders of her white tank. (My skirt DIY is here)

rainbow party hair accessory

Matching rainbow party hair accessory was simple: I used one of her hair ponies and just tied rainbow ribbon colors to it. The ribbons came from my craft stash.

Bring on the Birthday Party guests:

rainbow party birthday girl

Miss Sarah was VERY excited for her guests to come…as you can clearly see. The kids had a great time ripping into the rainbow buffet…

rainbow party kids fun

And it was time to open gifts before you knew it.

rainbow party presents

Miss Sarah LOVED her Rainbow party — thanks for letting me share!

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