Put your Pantry In Order – Tips for a Happier Pantry

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You get home from grocery shopping, unload the car and start putting up the groceries. Sometimes that can lead to items being shoved into the pantry with no rhyme or reason! This can create a bit of a messy area, and make it hard for you to utilize all the items you have on hand. So put your pantry in order with this tips for a happier pantry! You will be amazed with a little organization on how nice your pantry will become! 

Put your Pantry In Order - Tips for a Happier Pantry

Check out the list below for inspiration on how to get your pantry looking like a million dollars! You will be able to see the items you have on hand, and use them easier, instead of it being shoved in a corner and not knowing you have an item! You can thank me later! 

Pantry Organizational Tips 

Look Over Pantry Each Shopping Trip 

Once you get your pantry organized make sure before each shopping trip, you look it over. Make sure an items you have on our list like diced tomatoes, isn’t something you already have! This is a great way to save a little money, and you can see if you need to add items to the list to buy to re-stock your pantry! 


If you want to get rid of the bag of sugar and flour, consider putting them in a container that has a lid. Than you can add some labels and write what is inside. This is great for oats, flours, sugars, pasta and more. If you do this with brown sugar, place a marshmallow inside, it will prevent it from getting hard. 

Re-Usable Chalkboard Labels 

These are so popular because you can simply write what you want on a label, and then wipe away and re-write something else later. It makes it great for changing up items in containers without having to remove a label and than replacing it with a new one! 

Lazy Susan

Buy a lazy susan for your spices! That way you can easily turn it 360 degrees, so you can see what spices you have and what you might need to buy for future meals. 

Magazine Holders 

Invest in some magazine holders to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap and more. They fit perfectly inside, and they will stand up. Generally dollar type stores carry these holders and are normally just $1! 

Baskets and Bins 

If you have enough space, try grabbing some small plastic baskets or bins. These are great for labeling the front and placing items in them, Once can be for rice, pastas, snacks, and so on. I also love having a basket that has snack style items in it, that way when the kids want a snack they go to their designated bin and grab a snack they want. 

Binder Clips 

If you buy some binder clips, you can use those to clip on to bags and then hang them in the pantry! It will keep them from going stale and clean up space on the shelves! You can put a little nail in the wall, and then just hang the binder clip up with the chips. 

Shoe Organizer

You can hang a shoe organizer on the back side of the pantry door and store items inside of it. Could be snack type foods, condiments, etc. It is free storage space that generally doesn’t get utilized! Really comes in handy with a small pantry!

Oldest Items to the Front

Make sure that when you go to put canned goods and other items that you have multiples of up, that you do oldest to the front. This will help eliminate items expiring!  

Stackable Can Organizer 

Wire stackable can organizers are a great investment. They store your cans in a nice compact manner and help you keep them organized! It helps you easily put up cans and you put the newer items to the back, so it keeps the closer to expiration date items in the front! 

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