Peeps Sushi

Peeps Sushi

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I am sure you have seen this – it’s been all over the Internet. It’s a fun twist on Rice Krispie treats — and what we made for Miss Sarah to take to her Daisy Meeting tonight. (it was our snack night!)

Start with a basic batch of treats –
1/2 stick butter
10oz bag marshmallows
5 cups cereal (the recipe calls for 6 but I think it is too dry!)

I pop the butter and marshmallows (yes, they are bunny marshmallows! They are the last of my huge post Easter score last year) into my Tupperware Stack Cooker 3 Qt casserole and zap on high for 2 minutes, remove to stir (with my silicone spatula) and zap 1 minute more. Then I stir in the cereal and put into a lightly greased rectangle cake pan. Wet your hands with cold water and then press it into the pan – the water keeps it from sticking to your hands!

Let it cool.
Now it’s time for the Peeps and Fruit by the Foot for your “seaweed”.

Cut your cereal treats into rectangles.

Put a Peep on top and wrap with the “seaweed”. I cut the Fruit by the Foot into 3 equal pieces — the hard part is the end that has the “loop”. It doesn’t un-loop and might split on your peep if you wrap it too tightly. They do “morph” into the cereal bar on the bottom so they stay put nicely.

Easy Peasy!

Tomorrow — I might make Easter Hand Rolls… a little different!

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