My Hamtastic Ham Meal Plan!

I mentioned before that grocery stores have selling cycles for their meat…depending on the store, it runs 6, 7 or 8 weeks before they repeat. If you don’t believe me, you can save the weekly adds for your store of choice and check it out yourself. When you see Ham on sale, you can replicate my hamtastic ham meal planning […]

Easy Peasy Pizza Casserole Recipe To Try

Are you a good sale shopper and great at working the grocery store coupons? Do you still look at your pile of food and see the same old combinations coming to your brain when it is time to fix something for the family to eat? This is where my Pizza Casserole recipe can help. Why Would You Need a Pizza […]

How we still eat out with our budget

I know I have talked alot about groceries so far…and HOW does that add up? Simple. One of the first things you do, when you want to save money, is to track where you are currently spending it. We spent $300 a month eating out…I know. UGH! That is $4,000 a year! All that money and nothing to show for […]

Pinching Pennies Grocery Shopping

This can be a fast way to fix a budget…setting a goal for what NOT to spend at the store to feed the family. I have been averaging $100 a month and that feeds the 3 of us along with a cat and a dog. Pinching Pennies Grocery Shopping is a pretty simple way to save money. Pinching Pennies Grocery […]