Home Education Part One: Teaching Kids How To Read

**This is the first part of a four part series I am doing on how you can accelerate your child’s education. No matter WHAT school your child goes to it is ultimately our job, as parents, ┬áto advocate for the best education we can for them. Letting that be said, we choose to put our daughter into public school – […]

We Can’t Afford That…..

Miss Sarah and I saw the move Judy Moodie: Not So Bummer Summer the other day with the Kids Rule summer film series for $2 and one thing jumped out at me: When Judy was asking her Mom to go here….do this…..do that, the reply was “We can’t afford that”. Being a fruglaista – I like to think of myself […]

Homemade Jam Day: The 4P Recipe!

Jelly and Jam are not cheap at the stores, but they are full of high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives…ick! Using the summer FRESH fruit surplus, you can make jam for pennies on the dollar! If you don’t have jars – check Freecycle.org or Craigslist – that could save you the $8/dozen price.     Depending on what size jar you […]

Frugal Friday – Make Your Own Pickles!

It’s just about that time of year that Cucumbers are rapidly overtaking your garden! This is a VERY easy and VERY yummy recipe that you can whip up – to make great use of them! Keep in mind that this recipe only works when you use your Tupperware, LOL! The Large Pik-A-Deli will be on sale pricing as of Saturday! […]

DIY Tuesday, the Dinosaur Birthday Party!

I have talked before about Birthday parties and how they can be fun, without costing a mint. These places that charge $13.95 or more per child are really raking in the dough, sadly at the expense of the parent! There are a few things that are important for every party: Invites Activity (games only let 1-2 little people win, an […]