How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day without Spending a Fortune

It’s frustrating if you’d like to spend more money on a loved one for Valentine’s Day than what’s allotted from your current budget. After all, it’s easy to get caught up on wanting to buy your significant other everything he or she desires, from chocolates, a movie and an expensive dinner. Instead of getting caught up in material items that […]

It’s Done!

First things first:I am NOT a “natural seamstress”.In fact, this is the FIRST thing I have ever made with a pattern! Sure, the applique stuff is easy enough…cut out fabric, pin it or “stitch witch” it to the shirt and then zigzag stitch around the edges. The skirt, a different matter.Last summer, I found a bunch of patterns at a […]

A Simple Shirt…

Now, before we get started, this is HALF of an outfit I am making for Miss Sarah.The T-shirt was $2.50 at Michael’s craft store – as part of a sale.If you look closely a the black print fabric,you will see that it was used on the Snowman Turtleneck set that I made her and her friend for Christmas.(see it HERE) […]