MUST Buy Items at Aldi

MUST Buy Items at Aldi

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Must Buy Items at Aldi

MUST Buy Items at Aldi

Other than a mortgage the cost of food is usually the biggest expense in the family budget. Clipping coupons, watching for sales and shopping more and more at Aldi.  Most people shy away from Aldi because they feel as though their quality was not as good, however I am here to tell you they are TOTALLY wrong!  Not only has Aldi really revamped its stores, they are owned by the same company as Trader Joes and they carry so many great items.  I was also VERY surprised to find they carry organics at the same price as the “regular” foods I find at my local grocery.  If you are looking for ways to cut the food budget I have some MUST buy items at Aldi for you to try out next time you are out shopping.

Organic Milk: Who knew you could get such great savings on organic milk!  Aldi prices are half the price than other local grocery chains.

Whole Wheat Flour:  BIG bags for great prices!

100% Pure Maple Syrup:  You can beat the taste and the prices are crazy low.  I always keep a bottle in the fridge for our homemade pancakes.

Spices and Seasonings:  Aldi has the best prices around when it comes to spices. You can get big bottles for only $.99!  I like to stock up and make my own homemade taco seasonings and you can also mix some up for some delicious homemade salad dressing.

Baking items:  Aldi has a wonderful selection of baking items.  You can get BIG bottles of vanilla extract, bagged nuts, dried fruits, baking chocolate and more.

Organic Produce:  Aldi always has a great selection of produce.  Often they have it packaged up for you.  The prices of their green peppers are half the price of our grocery store.  I can always find a nice selection of conventional and organic produce at really good prices.

Specialty Cheeses:  If you like gourmet varieties of cheese Aldi has them.  You can get a variety of goat cheeses, big blocks of parmesan, blue cheese and mozzarella all for prices a lot lower than you will find elsewhere.

Eggs: They taste great and the prices are the best I have seen.

Gluten Free Items:  Aldi has a really nice selection of gluten free items.  You can pick up gluten free pasta, tortillas and more.  Just look for the Gfree Life items in store.

Olive Oil:  You can get extra virgin olive oil for around $3.99!!

If you are an Aldi shopper what are your Must buy items at Aldi?

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