Minimalism for Busy Moms

Minimalism for Busy Moms

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As busy moms, minimalism might seem like an unobtainable goal. Minimalism doesn’t mean living without a TV or a couch, owning just three outfits and one pair of shoes, or getting rid of all the toys in your home. There are so many different ways you can apply minimalism into your everyday life without going extreme. Here are just a few ways you can live a minimalist life, even if you are a busy mom.

Minimalism for Busy Moms

Get Rid of the Excess

To any other busy moms, I’m sure many of these scenarios will look familiar.  

  • Drawers of clothes packed so full that you can barely close the drawer
  • Kitchens full of useless gadgets and items that have never even left their box
  • Toys taking over your living room floor.

Do any of these sound familiar? If this sounds like a glimpse of your everyday life, then you are living with excess. Minimalism doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, but choosing the things that are important and choosing to let go of the things that don’t hold any value. One of the main reasons you may be feeling overwhelmed by your home is because you simply have too much stuff. Go through each and every room and ask yourself whether or not each item truly holds value or if it even gets used.

Vow to Let Go of One Item Each Day

This is one of the easiest ways to get started when you have no clue what to do. Every single day, go through your home and find one thing you can get rid of.  Whether it’s something as small as an extra spatula or as big as a piece of furniture, this task will take just a few minutes and reap big rewards.

Use the “One in One Out” Rule

Anytime you bring something new into your home, let go of something that’s currently there. For example, when you buy a new shirt, get rid of one you currently own. This will help keep your home from returning to a cluttered state. If you are buying a replacement item, like a new coffee maker, get rid of the old one. It’s really that simple.

Only Keep the Things that Hold Value

The ultimate goal is to have a home full of items that hold value, whether sentimental or useful. As you are going through your home challenge yourself to really think about each item and whether or not it holds value. If it’s something that brings back fond memories every time you see it, it’s probably okay to stay. However, if you can’t even remember the last time it was used or why you got it in the first place, it’s probably time to let it go.

The Benefits?

Less Stuff Means Less to Clean

If you still aren’t convinced that minimalism is right for you, this one might change your mind. If you have less stuff, there is less to clean! It’s as simple as that. Cleaning each room will take half the time, and you won’t spend your precious hours picking up stuff off the floor all the time. Ask yourself how long you spend cleaning each room. Do your rooms seem to get messy right after you clean them? The answer is probably yes. When you own less stuff it takes longer for the mess to return, if it even does.

Your Home Will Always Be Ready for Guests

One of the perks to minimalism is by having a home that is always guest ready. When there isn’t enough stuff in your home to ever allow it to get that messy, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning before guests arrive. You might spend 10 minutes or so preparing your home on even your worst day.

Minimalism Gives you More Time

When you eliminate the excess in your home, you’ll have so much more free time. You’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing, and more time with your family.  

Minimalism isn’t something that happens instantly. It might even take you a few months before you are able to completely de-clutter your home. Stay the course, and you will reap the benefits of a minimalist home for the rest of your days.

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    • I love this concept! Just not certain that my kids will like it as much as I do. I do clear out the closet when I bring new things in. In fact, I frequently eliminate more than I put back into the closet. I’ve noticed that the leaner my closet gets, the easier it is to get ready each and the debate there is of what to put together. Time savings and headache freeing – Thanks for some more great ideas to start implementing now!

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