How to Make Green Leafy Veggies Last Longer in The Fridge

How to Make Green Leafy Veggies Last Longer in The Fridge

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While extremely healthy, green leafy veggies are quite often overlooked as they don’t stay fresh for long. This is due to the absence of any chemicals and preservatives that are otherwise put into long-lasting products. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to settle down for the bad stuff, as we’ve got some quick tips on How to Make Green Leafy Veggies Last Longer in The Fridge. Read on to find out!

How to Make Green Leafy Veggies Last Longer in The Fridge

But before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that these practices will sometime make your leafy veggies lose some of the nutritional content in them. It’s not a large amount, though, and the positives that this brings, whether its long-lasting produce or a healthier lifestyle, will certainly outweigh the negatives.

  1. Rinsing Them:
    Giving your veggies a fresh rinse of water and then drying it before storing has proven to be a very effective way of making your them last longer. Rinse each section with your hand, after removing any ties, bands or damaged leaves. This also applies to produce that claim to be pre-washed, as they are just as likely to be contaminated as its counterparts.
  2. Drying Before Storing:
    While we mentioned drying in the previous step, it’s not as elaborated as it should be. Moisture causes your leafy greens to lose their freshness when stored in the fridge. This is why its important to be sure that each and every leaf is pat with a cotton dish towel or run through a salad spinner to ensure that they are dry.
  3. Extras:
    If you wish to try all possibilities to give those veggies the best possible shelf life in the fridge, there are some extra practices that you can try which will make it last even longer. For example, instead of just putting it in a bowl or a box, you could put those greenies on top of a paper towel to keep them dry. You can also cover them tightly to have them retain their crispiness.
  4. Research:
    Not all veggies are the same, but if you wish to have a particular veggie last longer, there are many specific steps that can help retain the freshness of a particular vegetable. For instance, coriander and lettuce can be stored by wrapping them in kitchen towels or newspapers, spinach can last longer in the form of a puree and then freezing them by putting the puree on the ice tray, and so on. Fortunately, the internet is the best source of information and you’ll almost always find the best ways to store your veggies in the fridge.

So, out of these practices, which ones were the best in your opinion? Be sure to leave your thoughts on How to Make Green Leafy Veggies Last Longer in The Fridge in the comments below!

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