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Important Cell Phone Recycling Tips to Know

Important Cell Phone Recycling Tips to Know

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Have you recently upgraded your cell phone? If so, don’t just throw the old one away. The last thing you want  is for it to take up space in a landfill, where it can leach toxic chemicals into the ground.  That being said, consider these great tips for recycling an old cell phone. Mother Nature will be glad you did!

Cell Phone Recycling Tips

Find Someone In Need

If someone in your family is looking for a new phone and your old phone is better than what they have, offer to give it to them. If it’s a phone from the same provider, it should be as easy as swapping out one SIM card for another.

Check With Your Carrier

Your cell phone service provider may offer an incentive program to encourage you to recycle your old phone. Check with the customer service, to see if you can get cash for sending yours in, or even credit toward a new phone. Just like with almost everything else in life, it never hurts to ask!

Sell It to a Recycler

There are a number of cell phone recycling organizations out there that will give you cash in exchange for your unwanted phone.  One company, EcoATM, even offers an automated machine that pays you for it, right then and there.

Make Sure Your Data is Erased

If you’re giving a functional phone to a friend or a recycling service, chances are they’re going to end up using it. In this case case, always double check to make sure that you deleted all of your personal information. Recovering from identity theft is usually a nightmare. Don’t let it happen to you!

Charge the Battery

Before you send your phone into the recycler, charge the battery then turn it off. That way, whoever checks it can easily see that the phone is in working order, and you can be sure you’re getting the most out of the  sale.

Following this advice will help to ensure that the process of recycling your cell phone goes as smoothly as possible, which is all you can ask for.

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