How to Plan an Entire Month’s Worth of Meals in Less than Half an Hour

How to Plan an Entire Month’s Worth of Meals in Less than Half an Hour

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There are people who are quite busy with a lot of stuff. You may have a lot of kids, some may be picky about food, partners that are constantly working, and other activities may keep you busy for almost a whole day. In these moments, knowing what to eat can be exhausting. That is why we have How to Plan an Entire Month’s Worth of Meals in Less than Half an Hour for you! Seriously, you could do this while you enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.

How to Plan an Entire Month's Worth of Meals in Less than Half an Hour

Making a meal plan is going to make your dinner nightmares go away. You can plan an entire month’s worth of meals in a very short period. Once you get comfortable, you will see how easy it is.

Meal planner that’s printable

You can create your own meal planner that’s printable and it can be however you like it. You can create spaces for the whole month, then just add your dates so you are able to plan for whatever date you like. Try starting your weeks with Mondays for the convenience. Create a space for appointments or events you may have and an extra space for notes.

Put everything on the planner

Planning to have a pizza night on 13th is not going to be fun when you remember that you have dance rehearsal that same night. So, to avoid this, put all activities, events, appointments, shifts, and everything else that may trouble your meals on the planner. This way you are going to see what you need to work around.

Master list

Create a big list of meals and keep adding more over time. Put breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas. Remember to include your family to help you what you should plan. It is going to make your planning so easier and quicker. You will do it in no time. Don’t waste time thinking about new meal ideas. Just go through your master list and choose what you want to make.

A rotating system

People usually love themed nights like Taco Tuesday or Pasta Thursday. However, this system doesn’t work for everyone because of shifts. You can come up with your own system that is very similar to the themed night system, based on your shifts and work hours. My advice for you is to make a rotating system that is going to work for you the best.

Repeat successful meals

Some people try not to have the same dinner more than twice a month. This can drive you insane. Keep a track and find out what your family likes to eat the most. These dinners are something that is easy to prepare, cheap, and everyone likes them. If you don’t like the thought of having the same meal every week, like Tacos, make new solutions. You can have Tacos one week, then burritos, then chili, then enchiladas. This is basically the same meal but you won’t feel bored.

Make changes

Try using a pencil on your meal plan. Be prepared to add arrows and cross things out. A meal plan is great, but it is not cemented. You can make changes whenever you need and want to. Matter of fact, four weeks is a lot of time. You don’t know what is going to happen. Be free and creative!

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