How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day without Spending a Fortune

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It’s frustrating if you’d like to spend more money on a loved one for Valentine’s Day than what’s allotted from your current budget. After all, it’s easy to get caught up on wanting to buy your significant other everything he or she desires, from chocolates, a movie and an expensive dinner. Instead of getting caught up in material items that will supposedly woo over your loved one, try wooing them with inexpensive and mostly free items such as a picnic dinner, a shopping expenditure that fits within your budget, or taking them on a hike. Be creative and you can come up with frugal ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.

An Unexpected Shopping Trip – Just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman had fun on her shopping spree, you can take your girlfriend or wife on a shopping spree too, but without breaking the bank. Take them to somewhere you can afford and that you know they will love, such as Express, H&M, Forever 21, or somewhere similar. Give them a set budget, such as fifty or one hundred dollars and watch them pick out a fun V-Day staple. In fact, these $50 off Express coupons worked for me, so they should work for you too!  Stay within your budget and surprise your loved one with a fun shopping spree. They will most definitely feel delightfully surprised and loved.


A Picnic and Hike – Depending on where you live and how the weather is right now, if the weather happens to be nice, why not plan a picnic? A picnic is free besides the food and it can be a lovely way to experience a change of scenery while having a real conversation with your love without worrying about the daily grind. Whisk them away on a romantic picnic and go on a hike as well. Don’t over do it since this is supposed to be a day you spend together, but at least try something new and enjoy one another’s company while soaking up nature on a beautiful day.


Cook Dinner at Home & Try a new Recipe – Have you been meaning to try a new recipe from Pinterest but you just haven’t had the time? While your loved one is away taking night classes or staying late at work, try practicing a new recipe as opposed to trying it out for the first time on Valentine’s Day. If the meal doesn’t turn out as you had hoped you can always revert to another favorite dish or just plan on making a scrumptious dessert instead.


Whatever you decide on planning for your Valentine’s Day activities, it is a lot easier to stay within your budget with the proper planning. Don’t spend a lot of money on items that will disappear quickly (i.e. chocolates and flowers), but instead spend extra time with your loved one and make Valentine’s Day extra special and memorable.


Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys Valentine’s Day and she’s currently searching for the perfect ensemble! Catch up with Sierra on her Ocean Dreams blog.

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