How To Beat Summer Boredom This Year

How To Beat Summer Boredom This Year

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It’s Summer time and the kids are out of school, finally!
However, the novelty starts to fade and Summer boredom hits, and you might be feeling overwhelmed! These tips to help Summer boredom will make Summer a less stressful time for everyone by keeping everyone entertained and happy all Summer long!

How To Beat Summer Boredom This Year

Water activities.
Water activities are a great way to beat Summer boredom – and you can find tons of different activities to do. Whether you visit a water park, go swimming, or even take a lake trip, there are tons of places to get involved in water activities. You can even use a hose and a sprinkler system to have fun and get your kids involved. Get some great water toys to play with and enjoy all Summer long!

Arts & crafts.
It can get very tiring doing arts and crafts activities every day, especially if you don’t have a rotation of different ideas. Search Pinterest for fun Summer crafts and add more to your to-do list! Try to do a few craft activities a week for kids to help them beat Summer boredom. Make sure you find engaging crafts that will keep them interested all Summer long!

Summer reading.
If your kids enjoy reading, enroll them into a Summer reading program. Local libraries are a great place to find local reading programs, but you can also set up your own reading program at home. Include stipluations, rewards, and more to make it exciting for the kids!

Even if your vacation ends up being a staycation, having a few days where the family can relax together and just genuinely enjoy the time together is important for Summer! It’s a good way to remind everyone that it won’t always be Summer and to enjoy the time while they can! Plan for somewhere realistic for your budget and fun for everyone!

Are there certain games that your family enjoys playing together? Plan to have a game night once a week, or an ongoing challenge in a game you play. This will keep the kids excited and engaged and is a great way to beat Summer boredom. If you’re feeling particularly brave and your kids have smart phones, try out Ingress – a game that encourages physical activity and allows you to capture and hack portals and more!

What things do you do in your household to avoid Summer boredom? Let me know in the comments below so we can share ideas!