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How I Made $200 a Day From my Couch

How I Made $200 a Day From my Couch

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I am not a huge person to promote things – they have to be something I LOVE. Something I have tried. Something that I think works. I made $200 a day from my couch in November and December because of one thing: an Esty course I took.

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How I Made $200+ a Day From my Couch

While a lot of people are leery of being in public, they don’t want a seasonal job in sales, etc. I have talked before about Easy Work From Home Job Ideas, 20 Great Apps to Make Money From Your Phone and How to Make Money Blogging if You Aren’t a Great Writer but now want to talk to you about something I have tested myself – selling digital products on Etsy!

First things first – you need an ETSY store – they are FREE to open and you can get your first 40 fee-free listings FREE ($0.20 each afterwards) with my link: Open An Etsy Store

Before you say “I am not a crafter…” Let me tell you that you can make and sell DIGITAL items like Activity pages like word finds, crosswords, etc., Bookmarks, Calendars, Coloring pages, Complete Journals, Cupcake toppers, Flashcards, Holiday Cards, Kid activities, learning worksheets, Recipe cards/templates, Wall Art…and so much more!

Don’t know how? I beta tested an AMAZING course – that literally teaches you how to do all of that, has templates, videos, checklists, and even teaches you how to create an Etsy shop down to logo and SEO!!
I am not one for promoting anything unless I LOVE it and this course just ROCKS! See it for yourself – HERE.

Let’s talk about MAKING money!

Once you have the templates? You can replicate things in a jiffy! I now have 9 stores – all with different niches. I am literally making over $100 a day with Ms Sadie’s shared knowledge and wisdom.
–>Yes, that is my referral link, but I honestly LOVE this course and think that ANYONE can make money off it if they just do a little bit every day.

Get My Discount Code

Want to save an additional $10 off Sadie’s Course? Use my code DANNELLES-DISCOUNT !! It will drop from $127 to $117. But hurry – it jumps to $147 on January 1st!

What will you learn?

I could go on and on here – but literally knew NOTHING about Etsy digi shops before this course. How to make items, mock-ups, how to list, SEO tips, how to promote your shop, how to search for what would sell, tips to make sales, Canva tips, design tips, videos, and text lessons like crazy! I have examples of work I LEARNED HOW TO DO in this course. If you don’t want t sell on Etsy, you can take these skills and become a Virtual Assistant for bloggers – just by joining a few VA Facebook groups and listing your creations. Usually, they vary them 4-6 times with different mockups and sell EACH for $30-45. One project = $180 to $270! See how I made $200 a day from my couch?

This is GREAT passive income

When life gets back to normal, your shop(s) will be there – still selling and making money for you. Honestly, I would pay $147 for this course – and am surprised it isn’t selling for more with all the resources, videos, and templates that are included. I think it is a STEAL right now for just $117 – using my code DANNELLES-DISCOUNT and getting in ASAP on THIS COURSE. We are all going to get (at least) a $600 stimulus check – use a part of it to create income that will keep on adding to your bank account. She has a guarantee. She has a Facebook group for support.

ANYONE can do this

There are even a few teenagers taking the course and making money already – it takes only minutes a day to create products that will sell for you as long as you keep your shop doors open… and Esty will pay you according to the timeline you set up. I prefer weekly, some people choose daily or monthly. Honestly, what have you got to lose? Soon you will be saying “I just made $200 a day from my couch” yourself.

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