Hammacher Schlemmer Blew Me Away

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I hadn’t check out Hammacher Schlemmer in a long time…but I had it filed in my head as a “Sharper Image” type of place with a lot of unnecessary items at astronomical prices. Holey Buckets was I wrong! I was able to partner with them for this holiday season and was astounded at the selection of practical and very affordable items in their collection! I chose their Seven in One Meal Cooker as a test experience!

Hammacher Schlemmer Blew Me Away

If you haven’t heard about The Seven in One Meal Cooker, you might be living under a rock. Just kidding. It’s a highly versatile cooking machine that will cut your cooking time in half and can bring even the most frozen of meals to fully cooked in record time. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling the Instant Pot, a 6-quart pressure cooker that almost means you can toss out your other electric cookers. This electric pressure cooker makes those old school pressure cookers of the past look even more scarier than you might have already believed them to be. The Seven in One Meal Cooker maintains the perfect temperature and pressure and even has an automatic switch for when your meal is done to keep it warm.

My favorite part about The Seven in One Meal Cooker unit is that the buttons are easily labelled and there is no guessing game for what setting you need to choose. If you’re cooking chicken, choose the Poultry button. Need to saute some veggies? You select the Saute button. The 14 one-button LED panel has the setting you need, trust me. You can make soups, stews, and even yogurt. This cooker was designed with busy families in mind. Utilize the manual cooking time of up to four hours or even the 24-hour delayed start timer.

The inner stainless steel pot is dishwasher safe which further makes this cooking machine a great addition to your kitchen. Your Seven in One Meal Cooker also comes with: rice paddle, soup spoon, stainless steel long-handled trivet, measuring cup, silicone cover, and silicone mini mitt. With the options and the included accessories, you cannot go wrong with this pressure cooker.

Anyone who loves cooking but doesn’t feel like they have the time they need or the space in their cabinets for different cookers would love The Seven in One Meal Cooker aka the Instant Pot!

If you haven’t checked into Hammacher Schlemmer in a while, I suggest you do ASAP – they have an unconditional and unwavering lifetime guarantee!

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