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DIY Ruffle Pants: How to Make Ruffle Pants !

DIY Ruffle Pants: How to Make Ruffle Pants !

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How to make ruffle pants

Miss Sarah is at that goofy age where certain things get worn out — like knees in pants. It’s time to make Ruffle Pants out of them, so she can still enjoy them and get another year or so out of them.


The rest of the pants were wearing well — so off for a (kinda) quick fix- ruffle pants!

First I had to cut off the offending hole — and the same for the matching leg


That left me with basically a pair of long shorts and two “sleeves”.

IMG_20140322_193127391 I started with the “Sleeves” and measured up from the bottom hem – 2 inches. Cut. 2 Inches again, cut. I did this until I had 4 layers and the last cut removed the big tear.

IMG_20140322_201805227 Now, It is ruffle time! IMG_20140322_193132378

I tried to pick FUN fabrics that matches some of the Gymboree Dot action in the pants — some solid and some print. I simply cut across it (it was 48 inches wide) for a 6 inch section. (6″x48″). I did this twice for each color, getting 8 total strips.

Now — to make the ruffles!

Start by taking your 8 strips, folding them so the “outside” was inside and stitch along the 6″ end to make a half inch seam. 

0323141259 Now, fold the LONG ends in on each other…

0323141303  And stitch them together with a 3/8″ seam…with LARGE stitches.

Use those stitches and pull one side of the thread to “ruffle it”.


You have to keep working the thread through…before you tie it off.

0323141306a 0323141322a

Repeat for the other 7 ruffles.

Now, it’s time to assemble the pants! Turn your “shorts” inside out…grab a ruffle to insert…


Now grab the largest 2″ section of “sleeve” and make sure you turn it inside out. Set it inside the ruffle…making sure to like the seams of the knit pants with each other.


Now it’s time to stitch it with a half inch seam


See how it looks when you turn it inside out…(right side out)



OK, now turn them inside out again and repeat for ruffles 2, 3, and 4.

0323141245a 0323141252a 0323141329

When all is done, simply turn the pants right side out, trim any loose threads — and admire your handy work! 0323141348


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