Dinosaur Party Items

Dinosaur Party Items

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Our Dinosaur party was a success — you will learn more on Tuesday’s DIY segment.
We DO have a few things that are up for grabs —
if you have a little dinosaur fan who wants a special party too!
First, the photo wall: the kids stick their heads through and you snap a picture.
We plan to send the pictures out in the thank you notes.
Then the four foot tall blow up T Rex.
He doesn’t STAY fully inflated –
as I blew him up the night before and had to give a little air to him this morning.
He IS fun though, LOL 
We also have 36 Dinosaur temporary tattoos,
and about 2 dozen mini dinosaurs – about two inches long.
You DO need to be fairly local so we can arrange a time to connect
as I am not mailing this out (sorry)
I will keep this out to you all through Monday at noon –
then it will go on Freecycle…so some one can get started party planning!
Tuesday you will see what else we did –
until then, I hope someone takes me up on this.
***To be fair, if there is more than one person interested, I will do a drawing.

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