Fun Themed Halloween Costume Party Ideas

Fun Themed Halloween Costume Party Ideas

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Halloween is a great holiday, there is so much you can do and dressing up is one of them. You can be whatever or whoever you want, another fun thing about Halloween are the parties that bring with them all sorts of treats and goodies. Why not mix them together and make a costume themed party, I’m sure it has been done before but if you haven’t done it you should give it a try. Here are a few themed costume party ideas.

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Great Gatsby
        Everyone loves a time in history, especially the good old 1920’s. Flapper girls and fancy luxurious suits, not to mention the decor of the era. A Great Gatsby costume themed Halloween party would be very exciting, just like the party Mr. Gatsby threw in the book. The only difference is it wouldn’t be as expensive. To get yourself a costume just head to a thrift store, they will surely have all you need to look like you just stepped out of the past. Or you could get crafty and gather materials to make an out of this world 1920’s inspired costume.
        Again with the history, there is just something about the victorian era that is so pleasing and mystifying, with their big dresses and big hairstyles, you could go for a victorian masquerade! Masquerades were big in the victorian age. This would be a costume party you would never forget, it would also be a very fun project finding/making a costume that fits this era.
        You could get really creative with this one. Most people do scary themed parties especially for Halloween but with this horror themed one you can go scary 2.0. Have everyone dress up as their favorite character from their favorite horror movie/story or you could have them come up with their own completely scary costume and have a contest of who’s is the scariest.
Fashion Show
        This theme will be great if you and your friends are into fashion and very creative. Have everyone dress up in a remake of their favorite designer look. If not that, then you could just have everyone come in their own created designs and throw a fashion show. Another option is to have everyone dress up as their favorite moment in fashion, like Beyonce’s outfit at the Met Gala or Lady Gaga’s grammy outfit.
There are so many themes you could choose these are just a couple themed costume party ideas for you. Halloween is the best time of year because it lets you be creative and you can have so much fun just with costumes. Are you going to use any of these themes for your costume party? Do you have any themes you’d like to suggest? Tell me in the comments!

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