Here you will find all the information on the upcoming classes Dannelle teaches, etc.
***NEW: Operation $40K, My Secrets To Living A Thrifty Life
We saved $40,000 in less than a year with simple changes in spending, using coupons and getting creative! Now we have a fully paid off college fund for our 7 year old daughter, great retirement savings and are able to give a lot back to the community. Let Dannelle inspire to start taking control of your financial life today!
This class is 1 hour long.
Children on the Cheap!
Kids may be priceless, but they are expensive to raise! Learn different ways to save on education, entertainment, clothes and more for your little ones.
This class is 1 hour long.

Black Friday Boot Camp!
Ever wanted to know how to find all the deals on Black Friday, make your shopping plan of attack and score tons of killer deals to cover birthdays and gift occasions for the rest of the year? Learn how to think out of the box on grocery store and drugstore deals too!
This class is 1 hour long.

Coupon Clipping 101
Ever wanted to learn the secrets on how to save 60-80% on your groceries every time you go the store? This class is for you! Learn WHERE to get coupons that you will use, HOW to organize them, and most importantly, the right way to USE them!

This class is 2 hours long
***Note: it combines THREE basic classes that most people teach! We cover getting and organizing your coupons – How to maximize their potential, even at the drugstores – and how to create/manage a stockpile. It is good for any level of couponer. Some comments from people who have attend my class:

“Was a great program. Presenter was engaging and entertaining.”
 “Coupon program was excellent! Thank you, Dannelle.”
“Excellent Program.”
“Very informative and comprehensive course!”
“Great couponing class!”
“Very informative and well presented. If doing field trip after 6 pm, would be interested.”
“What a pleasant person to listen to! If she did a field trip, I’d be there! Very informative. I cannot wait to start.”
“She is incredibly knowledgeable and has blessed many people tonight by sharing this with us.”
“I watch the extreme couponing shows with a little awe and a lot of shock 😉 Your tips are practical, achievable with a reasonable time commitment and it was very clear that with a little planning you can generate a lot of savings.
Best of all – your tips are both responsible and ethical.”

Confirmed dates and locations:

Meal Planning 101
Come learn how to save time and money by simple meal planning! We will talk about using your stockpile, how to get creative with leftovers and work the grocery store meat cycles to your advantage!
This class is 1 hour long and has a mini cookbook to take home.
Confirmed dates and locations:

Stockpile Swaps
Have you ever stocked up on things you won’t use like tooth paste, shampoo, lotions, cereal, canned goods, cake mixes etc? Join our swap out! Bring 10 items that have at least two months before expiring, are un-opened and regular sized (no trial sized items). We will put everything on a table and each person will get to pick an item until they are all gone (all leftovers to be donated to the local food pantry).
Confirmed Dates:

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