Time Saving Kitchen Tips

There are thousands of cool time-saving kitchen tips that are easy to take advantage of. These are some worth considering. Need a funnel for dry ingredients? Cut the corner off of an envelope, place the cut corner in the cup or bowl and carefully pour the ingredients into the envelope. Make as many “one pot” meals as possible. These meals […]

Nail Polish Tips for a Perfect Manicure

Painting your nails at home can be a way to relax and even save money compared to a trip to the salon! But, sometimes it can be a pain as it takes so long for your polish to dry! I don’t know about you, but I can always have one hand that looks amazing, and the other is harder to […]

Surprisingly Clever Hairspray Hacks

If you have a can of hair spray in your bathroom cupboard, make sure to read through this list of clever hairspray hacks! You might be shocked at all of the unique and clever ways you can use hair spray! Forget the backcombing and teasing your hair, transition that hair spray into other great uses like setting your nail polish, […]

Best Subscription Boxes for New Moms

If you are a new mom or know of one, consider purchasing one or more of these subscription boxes! I have created a list of the best subscription boxes for new moms! They are great for any new mom, as the box is filled with a variety of items, and each month it is delivered right to your doorstep! Some […]

Coffee Hacks for a Better Cup

If you’re a coffee drinker, chances are you drink at least one cup of coffee every day.  Preparing, brewing and drinking your morning cup is no doubt part of your routine. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to settle for the same old cup. These are a few clever hacks, to give a tasty twist to your favorite blend. […]

7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Swim

It’s that time of year again where families everywhere are hitting the pool or beach for time swimming. These 7 Tips For Teaching Kids To Swim will make all the difference in the world as you head out with your family for fun in the sun. Knowing how to swim is so important for their safety as well as your […]