Gentreo Review: How to Save Money on an Essential Service

Gentreo is an online will service / maker that’s rather new to the market. However, this whole service sector is relatively new in itself. The awareness of online will makers as well as the popularity of these platforms is growing fast. It’s not a surprise considering that the pandemic reminded everyone about how important it is to have a will. […]

15 Books that Are Way Better than the Movie

We have all experienced that horrible disappoint of going to the movies and watching what should have been an excellent movie adaptation of our favorite book. I have found myself going back to read the book both before and after seeing a movie in theatres only to realize that the book was way better than the movie! This happens all […]

Hammacher Schlemmer Blew Me Away

I hadn’t check out Hammacher Schlemmer in a long time…but I had it filed in my head as a “Sharper Image” type of place with a lot of unnecessary items at astronomical prices. Holey Buckets was I wrong! I was able to partner with them for this holiday season and was astounded at the selection of practical and very affordable […]

Stock the Crock and Fill the Freezer!

When I was invited to check out a new cookbook called Stock the Crock, I was curious as to what they could possibly teach me. I perused the pages, tabbed several recipes that I liked and had the family go through and pull tabs off if they didn’t like the recipe. With the incredible color photos, it was easy to […]

Thermacell Keeps Me From Donating Blood To Mosquitos!!

During the summer, I love being outdoors. Especially at night when the weather cools down. What I do not like is mosquitoes. I swear my blood is their favorite, and it just calls to them. If we spend an entire evening on the patio as a family everyone gets bit a few times but I look like I have chickenpox. […]

Wonder Woman Really Brings It

In 1941, All Star Comics created a new superhero. She was an amazon princess with god-like powers. Then in 1975, this heroine got her own TV show which was incredibly popular.  Today she is one of the most iconic superheros alongside Batman and Superman, and has been saving the day with them since her creation. She is the awesome, the […]