Cooking Class 101: How to Make Gravy

Have you have ever wanted to make gravy but made something that left no drippings?   You don’t want to use canned or jar gravy? Using leaner cuts of meat, grilling, or other cooking preparations usually means you won’t have much fat for making a gravy.  Have no fear, you can still create a delicious, and rich gravy to complete your meal. […]

Cooking School 101: How To Make Pizza Crust

If you are like most families you probably have pizza night once a week.  Making homemade pizza at home is a great way to save money, creates an opportunity to get kids in the kitchen, and control the ingredients that go into it.  This pizza crust is super simple to make and can be used to create pizzas, Calzones, pizza pockets, or […]

Cooking Class 101: How To Make A Basic Muffin Mix

Here is a simple “go to” muffin mix base that can be transformed into a sweet or savory muffin with just a few added ingredients.  Make a few mixes of  the dry ingredients ahead and store in your pantry to save a little time {I love to store mine in a quart mason jar, they look so pretty on the […]

Cooking School 101: How to Make Buttercream

My absolute favorite frosting to top my cakes, be it a layer cake or cupcake, is buttercream. (It also makes a fabulous filling)!  This is a basic buttercream recipe that I use time and time again, because it is so versatile. You can add so many different seasonings and extracts to create amazing flavor combinations: Have a Chocolate Cake? Add […]

Cooking Class 101: How To Make Tortillas

How To Make When you realize how simple they are to make, the amount of money you can save making your own, and not to mention how fresh and delicious they are, you may be hooked on creating your own Homemade Tortilla’s.   They are great for fajitas, sandwich roll ups, or even soft tacos. You can also turn them into sweet treats […]