Why the KonMari Organizing Method Is Exactly What You Need

Unless you are living in a cave – you have heard of Marie Kondo and her philosophy of organizing called “Konmari”. Her book centers on Kondo’s specific technique of radically decluttering a home or workplace, fashionable her purchasers and also the several attendees of her seminars. It’s a rather rigid technique that will not be for everybody. You will be […]

How to Keep Your Meal Planning Organized in Your Planner

It’s no secret that meal planning offers a wealth of benefits. You never have to worry about what to cook your family again. Everyone gets to enjoy dinners without getting bored of the “same old thing.” Plus, meal planning lets you budget your grocery money so you purchase what you need and nothing more. The trick is deciding how to […]

4 Great DIY Home Organization Tips

Organization is most certainly something we all struggle with and it can overwhelm us if we are not careful. Having a DIY spirit and investing some creativity and time in your home, however, can certainly make it better. DIY organization is all about finding new and creative ways of making your life easier and there are no shortages of ideas […]

​3 DIY Kitchen Organization Tips

Having your kitchen put together the right way is a huge key to enjoying your time there. Most people put little thought into where things are placed or how they might affect the cooking process. Being organized most certainly makes a difference. Here are three very powerful kitchen organization tips that will change the way you enjoy your time in […]