Home Improvement Projects You Need to do This Fall

When trying to keep your house well maintained, you should check out this list of Home Improvement Projects You Need to do This Fall? Fall is a great time to make improvements to your home. Compared to the wintertime, doing maintenance on your home during fall is the better option. You spend less on energy bills, and the cost of […]

5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal Whether you’re trying to sell your house a bit quicker or you just want to be the envy of the neighborhood, these 5 inexpensive ways to boost your curb appeal will help get you started. Curb appeal refers to the first thing that potential buyers see and first impressions are the most […]

Grandpa’s Room at the New House

It’s fun to build a bedroom from scratch! My father-in-law is in his 90’s and going blind. This is the PERFECT room for him: close to a handicapped ready bathroom and windows placed for a great cross-breeze in the summer. Check out the following video to see what was done to make it “homey”…and how it is easily usable as […]

Our New Living Room

Those of you that have been with me from the beginning, know that Operation 40k was about saving up money for the new house. This summer we finally found the perfect house, bought it and moved. Hopefully, each week, I’ll be able to show you a room and what we did to it as we get settled into our new […]

Radon! What is it & why is it bad?

Radon in the Home You have purchased your first home! Hooray! You are all set to move in, you can’t wait to start putting things where they go, and then you get the information that the home tested positive for Radon. Now what? What is Radon? Where does it come from? Let’s start out by talking about what Radon is, […]

Moving Day

So, the boxes are packed, big stuff ready to haul and it’s time to call the movers. I left three (3) messages with the company we had used before and NEVER heard back from them – until I posted my frustration on Instagram and the national franchise contacted me. (I never did hear from the local branch of 2 Men […]