Sleeping Beauty Movie Night

  Sleeping Beauty Theme Movie Night With the premier of Maleficent hitting theaters on May 30th I thought it would be fun to have a girly movie night and watch Sleeping Beauty. This movie really lends itself to fun, slumber party feel so I went with it.   Whether it’s just you and your little girl or you plan on sharing it […]

How to Throw a Dog Themed Birthday Party

A dog themed birthday party was on the books for our pre-schooler, leaning more towards the puppy concept. We wanted it to be a little different, in the concept that it would be a service learning opportunity. She already had a ton of toys, more clothes than she could possibly wear, so this seemed like a great option. Make the […]

Fun, Free Things to do

We live five houses away from Sarah’s preschool and usually walk her there and back on the morings that she has class. Today, Daddy decided to take her red wagon and let her ride home in style! You can see her being chauffered by him and loving every minute of it! She always makes sure she is alwasy strapped in […]

Homemade Treats – Puppy Chow and Cracker Candy

It is OK to have sweets– if they are homemade. When we make things at home, the first ingredient is NOT high fructose corn syrup, it’s good old fashioned sugar! We can use whole wheat flour instead of white, etc. and that is why I am sharing a few family favorites with you: our Puppy Chow Recipe and Cracker Candy […]