Recipes with Frozen Meatballs: Quick and Easy Ideas for Weeknight Dinners

Are you tired of the same old meatball recipes? Do you have a bag of frozen meatballs sitting in your freezer, waiting to be used? Look no further! There are countless ways to incorporate frozen meatballs into your meals, from classic spaghetti and meatballs to unique and flavorful dishes. Frozen meatballs are a versatile ingredient that can be used in […]

7 Recipes for When Chicken is on Sale

What to do when chicken is on sale? Checking out all the sales fliers this week, the chicken looks like the big deal. Hyvee has split breasts for $.88 a pound which hands down, beats the other stores! What to do when Chicken is on Sale? It always makes sense to stock up when you are at the lowest price […]

Make Ahead Lunch Ideas: Quick and Easy Meal Prep for Busy Days

Make ahead lunch ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to save time and money while still enjoying a delicious and healthy meal. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or a parent, having pre-made lunches on hand can make your life easier and more convenient. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can create tasty and nutritious […]

How to Make Easy Sheet Pan Eggs in the Oven

Sheet pan eggs in the oven? Yes, we’re going to show you how to make sheet pan eggs in the oven! If you want a no-fuss breakfast that is easy and delicious, this is it. Why eggs? Eggs are an incredibly inexpensive protein choice when we see the price of various cuts of meat at the grocery store simply jumping […]

Air Fryer Cajun Bloomin’ Onion w/ Green Onion Ranch Dip

While we like to have a champagne life on a beer budget, there are often things I get a craving for and know we shouldn’t put out the cash when we could make it ourselves for a heck of a lot less. A great example is those fried onions at the popular chain restaurants! An onion runs about $0.25 and […]

Ice Cream Hacks You Can’t Live Without

While June is National Dairy Month, July is National Ice Cream month! For many people, ice cream is the perfect dessert for a hot summer day. But, are you getting the most out of the classic frozen treat? Here are some ice cream hacks that bring a clever twist to this yummy dessert. Tired of working hard to serve frozen […]